Monday, August 8, 2011

Snowy Sunday

The weekends always come and go in a blink of an eye. It's always not enough. Yesterday, Joseph had his first fake snow experience at none other place but Snowalk, I-City at Shah Alam. It's Elizabeth's second snow experience. Her first one was in Genting Highlands. We arrived there quite early before 7pm before the crowd arrives. But the funny thing was we didn't went straight to the Snowalk because the children were attracted by the amusement rides first. *slaps forehead* 

LED lighted trees were expected and even the float used during the Putrajaya Floria 2011 was there. So the children spotted the amusement rides first and we spent an amount of time there. The children got to play some rides and video games. We then proceeded to the purchase tickets for the Snowalk which were gathering more crowd already by this time. Joseph got to enter free because he is below 3 years old so we got worried whether there will be jackets provided for him. We were surprised when the lady at the jackets counter handed over to us a toddler jacket for Joseph. Phew! What a relief! Otherwise, we will just have to make do with the sweater I bought for him. So we were each given a jacket and entered Snowalk. 

It was nice at first entering a cold enclosure compared to the hot temperature outside. Then it got colder and colder. Thank goodness the jacket could keep us warm enough except for our hands and feet. We noticed some indian tourists were wearing wellington boots and were wondering how come we were not provided with the boots. Then I saw a sign that says the boots can be rented outside. There was also this guy selling gloves and ear mufflers inside. Everything is money! Tickets not expensive enough huh? So I told the children to put their hands inside the pocket and they will feel much better. And also to use the hood at their jacket. It really helps a lot instead of getting those ear mufflers. Since we are not renting the boots, we will just have to walk slower at slippery areas. 

Joseph especially enjoyed the cold experience. He was grinning from ear to ear and we caught him licking the ice so many times! Aiyoh. After the Snowalk, we went to the park where there were many LED lighted trees. They look so beautiful at night. I wonder whether they look just as nice during the daytime. Haha. Then it's time to go home. The children returned tired but happy. :)

My two cubs.

Eliza wants to take a picture with 'Melman'. Hehe.

Batman has received a distress call and is off to the rescue!

Not another ride again!

Joseph and Papa playing video game.

Now it's Elizabeth's turn.

This game is fun for the family. You sit in it and get to experience some motion while playing the game. A mouth gaping experience for Joseph but a nail biting experience for Elizabeth. LOL.

These video games must have a sexy babe in it huh? Hehe.

Taking a picture with the snowman while waiting for Papa to purchase the tickets to enter Snowalk.

Here Christmas comes early huh?
My boy looking like a china baby. Haha. He is from Harbin, China..:P
My happy children.

Joseph running in and out of an igloo.
I think Joseph is trying to lick ice again!

Elizabeth is looking out of an ice window. It's an ice house with ice table and two ice stools in it.

That black figure was not suppose to be there! lol. Elizabeth jumped in while I was taking the picture.

Picture taken by the photographer. We purchased the photos and since I don't have a scanner. I just took the photos again with my camera.

Look Ma, no hands! I don't need gloves!

A family portrait.

The park with LED lighted trees.

More 'pine' trees.

Cute isn't it?

I like the colours here the most!

Christmas tree in front, red lanterns at the back. I'm confused. LOL.

The Christmas tree again.

This is the float used during the Putrajaya Floria 2011.


  1. Wah, so much fun! Ya-lor, everything also need money. When we were in Genting, wanted to try out the snow place but saw the $ didn't want to anymore. Of course still cheaper than going overseas to see snow.

  2. Wow looks nice and fun! Ben went 'wahhhh' when he saw Joseph sitting in the Batmobile :P

  3. My girl's favourite hangout, she always bug me to bring her again... lol! Your boy is so brave, my boy was cried baby whn he 1st gt in to the ice dome.

  4. OMG! lol YAP SMILED! not bad looking ah when he smiles :P tell that apek ah to smile like that more often!!

    Wah, looks like you guys had fun! You should put the family pic and father and son pic on the wall. Call your friend over to put a nail in the wall for you! lol

  5. Germaine: Actually the $ nearly deter us from going in but we went in anyway in the end. Went all the way there already so what the heck. lol

    Jenny: LOL Ben ambition is to become batman?

    Alice: So are you going to bring them again? hehe. Aww, your boy was smaller when he went is it? I'm sure now he won't cry anymore.

    Alexia:yeah, he smiled. want to buy lottery? hehehe. put the pic on a table, leaning against the wall already. no frame yet so cannot put it up.:)

  6. so much fun! :) Heard tehre's some reptile shop too. Did you see that?

  7. martha: i saw that reptile shop but I didn't enter. Wasn't so convinced about it that's why. you heard that it's good?

  8. Hi Carolyn!

    Am your new follower. :)

    Thank you foI visiting my blog. I must say you are such a beautiful mommy with a lovely family!

  9. Hi Catheryn,

    What a coincidence! I'm your new follower now too. Thanks for visiting and thanks for the compliments although I do believe makeup has a big part to do with it. hehe.

  10. NICE! I've not been to i-City yet..

  11. Hey Carolyn,

    We wanted to visit but don't know how much would that cost. Mind to share? My daughter will definitely enjoy the lightings there!

  12. Hi Tracy!

    Parking is just RM1 but I think there might be free parking which I don't know how to find.

    Entrance fee to Snowalk with MyKad should be around RM20 to RM25 for adults. Your little Tricia should be free because they only start charging from 3 years old onwards. So go now! hehe.



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