Monday, August 18, 2008

What's cooking?

Starting from this week, I don't have to make porridge for Eliza on weekdays. My babysitter has agreed to do it with the pay raise given. But I would still need to provide the food stuff. One burden lessen? Hmm. Not really. I'll keep worrying whether the babysitter really feeds her the stuff I gave or not.

Eliza has become a little indifferent nowadays. She hates being in her cot and wants someone to accompany her to bed even during naps in the daytime. You really have to spend at least more than an hour accompanying her because she won't fall asleep at once. She'll talk, laugh and roll around here and there on the bed. It can be really time consuming as I have my household chores to do. But how can I complain right? I should appreciate the time when she wants me by her side. When she's a teenager next time, I'm sure she'll be embarrassed to be by my side for fear of being teased by her peers.

On a separate note, these are some of the dishes I cooked last week. You can drop me a comment and hope you enjoy the pictures. My dishes are mostly simple ones. Have to do it quick with a little girl around.

Stir fry spinach with some fish cakes of some sort! LOL

Stir fry choy sum with that fish cake again. Sorry, I can't help it! The husband bought too many. I had to finish cooking it. Still have one more piece in my fridge.

Steamed chicken with herbs and wolfberry

ABC soup with ingredients like spare ribs, potatoes, tomatoes, red onions and carrots.

Stir fry yau mak choy with yes, you've seen it right, that fish cake thingy again!

Fried Ma Yau/Ikan kurau/English Threadfin with soya sauce. Me trying to brag about this particular fish name since I know the name of it in 3 languages. Don't ask me about other fishes..;)

That's all folks!


  1. A parent never stops being paranoid :P lol part of parenthood one lol.

    Wah all look sedap sedap one! Wish I have a lot of fish cakes here where got :( Asian store also frozen fish cakes :( *sigh*

    Even the vegies can't get it here, have to look real hard for it. Not a lot of varieties, except if it's a heirloom breed.

  2. Oh no... SAWI!!! Hahahahahaha... but ur chicken dish looks yummy :)

  3. Wah, thanks for the pics. Haha, its ok about the fishcakes. Here in Singapore really difficult to find yau mak choy. Serious! So nice some more and yet they don't have. Sighhhh...Yes I agree, your steamed chicken looks yummy. What do you put for the gravy? I only know how to steam chicken with ginger.

  4. zie leff: frozen fish cakes also jadi lah. just grab it and stuff it in FIL's mouth. LOL.

    kreazi: Sawi nice what. pls eat more greens ok? :P

    sunsetrose:u're welcome. maybe yau mak choy spoil fast. so by the time it travel from msia to spore, the vege spoiled already. Haha. I know I'm not making sense. I'm a bit cuckoo today.

    Alah my chicken dish, you should know, sunsetrose. You even helped me. Remember that Emperor Herb Chicken? Still got remainder. I just rub it on the chicken. Put some wolfberry and steam. Wala! It's not an expert cooking, it's for the lazy bums like me who wants fast fast fast!

  5. ohhh, the emperor chicken seasoning. Good idea also hor.



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