Friday, August 29, 2008


The whole week passed in a glimpse of an eye. We're welcoming another long weekend since we get a holiday in Malaysia on Monday in conjunction with our Merdeka Day. It has been quite a hectic week and I was suppose to blog early this week. Whenever I have little spare time, I was too lazy and tired to blog already.

Last weekend was a long weekend for me too. My husband and I applied leave for two days on Thursday and Friday. We had already made plans to go back to my hometown in Malacca on Friday and Thursday were supposed to be our time together (lil' dahling was left at the babysitter's). My planned was ruined because my sister in-law decided to take leave too! Fyi, she's been staying with us for the past whole month since she started her new job in KL. I'm not excited about it but then again what can I say? Husband will say, "that's my sister you know? You'd do the same if it was your sister". *roll my eyes* Problem is I do complain about my own sister but then she's a neat and clean person. My SIL(sister in-law) is untidy and lazy. Not to mention she hogged the TV most of the time and never even have the courtesy to ask me whether I want to watch any programme at all. That really got me pissed. Of course, she does a little help here and there like washing the dishes and accompany Eliza while I was cooking dinner. Still, I'm not thrill about the invaded privacy.

Anyway, back to the story, she took leave on last thursday too which got me soooo pissed and made me in a foul mood. I pestered the husband to get out of the house ASAP and a big argument ensued after that (I blamed it on SIL because it affected my mood..:P). Arrgghhh!

I better change the subject before it starts affecting my mood again. I was on leave last Friday also and I couldn't wait to go back Malacca. I haven't seen my family for one month already. Even lil' dahling seem to excited. She was sleeping and suddenly woke up the moment the car arrived at the doorstep of my parent's house. I enjoyed the weekend maybe because it's at the comfort of my home, home cooked food, critisizing the Olympics participants to make my parents laugh, go to church and shopping with my family and oh I got to eat my favourite mee! Nyum! Lil' dahling amused my family a lot with her antics. My mom said after one month and she's talking a lot already.

Cool is my middle name.

My shy father.

My nephew Brandon with Eliza.

This week, my husband was away to attend a course in Putrajaya from Monday to Thursday. So during these few days, I had to send Eliza to the babysitter alone. Some days she would be still sleeping. So I'd carry her in my arms, latch her in her car seat and hand her over to the babysitter while she's sleeping. But yesterday, she woke up crying. I think she had a bad dream. So I carried her and pat her to calm her down. Her head was on my shoulder but she was facing away from me. Then she stopped crying, turned to me and smiled so sweetly. Then she spoke a word, "Mummy" and it sounded so magical. Her sweet smile and the way she called made me melt. Awwww.

Eliza missed her dad so much the few days he was gone. I didn't know babies have good memories too. I thought they were suppose to have a short span memory? Anyways, she was calling papa when she heard someone at the door but it was actually my neighbour or my SIL. She called papa again when she saw the empty bed in the morning. (Lazy bum bum always wakes up later than me). Then when I drove past that same spot I sometimes drop my husband to pick up his car, she called out papa again. She can remember exactly that same spot! LOL. So I reported all these to her father which of course made him extremely happy. My babysitter is also taking care of another 3 year old girl who goes to the kindergarten nearby my babysitter's house. So everyday my babysitter would walk with Eliza to the kindergarten to pick that little girl up. I know Eliza enjoys this everyday activity. She enjoys wearing her "shoe shoe" and after that she'll say "kai kai". And when she sees the little girl she'll call out "jie jie". I will pass that very same kindergarten every day after fetching Eliza and she'll point to the kindergarten and say "jie jie".

To close this post, below are some pix of the dishes I cooked last week. Have a fun weekend everyone! TGIF! Oh ya konon la to be patriotic, Happy Merdeka Day!

Stir fried siu bak choy.

Stewed spare ribs with mushrooms, taufupok and potatoes. It was suppose to be chicken but I took out the wrong meat. Heehee.

Ok I found out this brown coloured dish already. LOL. It's called Chicken Garlic Wine.


  1. Wah... when is your SIL leaving? Hehehehe.. put it more polite.. she'll be staying until when? Don't tell me permanently okay coz I'll faint on your behalf!!!

  2. I don't know la kreazi. She said temporarily but I don't know for how long. Sigh. I think I'm fainting..

  3. We all faint for you Dahling!! Feel like want to sepak SIL! No respect one! At least be more helpful lah! Tak kan just stay there for free and tak tolong more! Thick skin ah this girl? We're behind you dahling!! *hugs and kisses*

  4. which is better(worse) SIL or MIL heheheh

  5. My sympathies on the difficulties you face with your SIL. About your dishes, they look lovely, as usual. Don't worry about the colour. Mine also look the same and I love dark soya sauce, so even more my dishes will tend to be brown in colour. I am not a fan of tau fu pok but that dish looks lovely. Must tell me the recipe ok and also the chicken dish. Thumbs up!

  6. Thanks everyone. Let's faint together. LOL. Oh ya to answer waikit's question, I think I just better don't live with any in-laws to protect our relationship. LOL.

    Oh and also I'm glad you like the dishes, sunsetrose!



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