Thursday, August 14, 2008

More videos!

My dearest friend requested for these videos all the way from US. So here it is for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy it! I apologize for the many videos separated. I don't know how to join them together yet. So bear with it ok?


  1. OOhhh Toooodddllleesss!!! lol Mouseketools! Mouseketools! Here comes the mouseketools!!! lol

    Aww she said mommy and papa!!! so cute!! even her high pitch shriek! lol

    Wah and she looks cool with her sunglasses!! lol guess the strap on sunglasses are a no go lol Look big on her, maybe get something smaller?

    Hot Dog! Hot diggity Dog!! ;) Eh, now feel like having a hot dog lol.

  2. But her mommy is still not that clear yet. She was shrieking out of excitement remembering Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that's why.

    Eh she likes to play with the strap on sunglasses too. She just wanted me to wear together with her.

    Did you hear she was trying to sing the hot dog song? Did you really went to have a hot dog, Zie?

  3. Can still make it out mah "mommmmee" lol. I got excited also hearing you sing the mickey mouse clubhouse song lol.

    lol Play and wear different mah :P but she still looks cool :D

    Yeah I heard the last video!! and yeah want to have a hot dog but FIL ate all the hot dogs :( lol

  4. Eh so cute lar little Eliza... next time I'm there, have her sing that again ok!!

  5. haha. okok. hopefully she won't be shy. even to me also sometimes she won't co-operate.

  6. Yeah, you must be very happy that she can call mummy and papa now. :)

  7. Can you start teaching her to call Uncle Kit? hehehe



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