Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Teenage idol crush

I heard NKOTB's latest single yesterday. Just incase anyone of you don't know. NKOTB is New Kids On The Block. If you wikipedia, they are a boyband who enjoyed success in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Their latest single, Summertime even though the tune was catchy were not really up to my expectation because I expected something more. Something more smashing, like a great comeback for them.

But then with their comeback reminds me of my crazy teenage days. I used to be soooo crazy over them especially Joey McIntyre. Even wishing I would marry him someday and become Mrs Joey McIntyre. Damn embarrassing! I have all their albums, some posters, some magazines which featured them. I even bought a book about them. Storybook also. I considered myself their number one fan until they had a concert in Singapore which I didn't go because it's in Singapore. I know some crazy fans went all the way there. That was when I realized, I'm not their number one fan. LOL.

But I still continued my craziness over them. I listened to their songs everyday. I never missed their cartoons and concerts on TV. My mom even recorded for me. But actually there was a catch. She forbid me for watching and only allowed me to watch the recorded shows until after my exams. Haha.

Sometimes when I look back at all this, I feel so silly. I think it's normal to go through this phase as a girl, don't you guys think so? Being giddily in love with a person who's not physically there with you. Daydreaming for hours about my teenage idol. Tsk tsk tsk. Can't believe I was like that.


  1. Hey this is a good one. I remember they were the craze when we were in Std 5 and then suddenly died down after Form 1. The same goes to Tommy Page. But I likey Donnie Walhberg.. maybe I'm the more rebellious one.. hehehehehe..

  2. Good one ler. Brings back old memories right? I know we were once crazy over Aaron Kwok too. Hey this NKOTB didn't die down on me after Form 1 ler. It continued until late secondary for me still. I'm loyal mar..:P You rebellious? My foot lar. You're always the goody one. I'm the rebellious one.

  3. Really? You were still crazy over them? But I thought they were gone by then? Oh no, they came up with another album which didn't sell too well I think.. I'm rebellious in a cheeky way lar :P Eh, now you know why I still have their "I'll Be Loving You Forever" as my ringtone.. also purposely chose that for my wedding slideshow song!!!

  4. Step by Step, Oh Baby...... :)

  5. Su Yin: Yes I remember the last album that they didn't do too well, I had it too. But of course when I go to college, I was not crazy over them already lar. Oh ya, why did you choose that song, Su Yin? Is it bcoz you like that song or you like NKOTB?:P

    wai kit: Gonna get to you girl..
    wah wai kit also a fan..:P

  6. I actually kinda like the song - very meaningful lyrics... and the husband happen to like it too and kept on singing that to me when we pak toh.. so that explains why we chose the song for our wedding slideshow :)

    That Step by Step album, I love another song.. [Time is On Our Side] - then again, it might be bcoz Donnie sang it.. hahahaha..

  7. aisehman, you all really have good memory lerrrr... i think a lot of people were nkotb fans until our 2nd coy boogie is their song also right? hangin tough. anyway my fav was jonathan knight..hehe



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