Monday, August 4, 2008


Yesterday about 4PM, my friend Michelle called and asked whether dinner was confirmed. I was a little perplexed to give a firm answer. My husband already told me that he will be working at home over the weekend and his sister is coming up to stay at our place temporarily until she is stable with her new job. I felt bad because I forgot that he will be busy over the weekend and already promised to meet up my friends. But at last, he allowed me to go and said he will attend to Eliza himself.

So off I went to pick Michelle up at Capitol Hotel and we went to Mid Valley to have dinner there with Agnes also. The husband called me while I was having my dinner halfway to see whether I've reached safely in Mid Valley. Then I asked him about Eliza and he told me that she refused to sleep even though he followed my bedtime routine. I got worried but he said he will do what he can but still asked me to come home early if possible.

While I was driving back home, I send him a text message and he told me that Eliza just slept not long before. The time was 10.18PM. When I got home of course I want to hear the story from him. He told me that he had to accompany her to sleep. He patted her to sleep and when he stopped she squirmed and was angry. So he had to pat her until she really fell fast alseep. Then only he was able to transfer her back into her cot. On one hand, I'm worried that this will be a continued habit and I have to accompany her everyday until she sleeps then only I can do my own chores. But on the other hand, I'm absolutely proud of the husband. He handled her pretty well I must say.


  1. What a sweet husband you have lil'dahling. I know you don't meet up with friends normally and I'm really very happy that your husband is so considerate.

  2. There you go... you have a very sweet and loving husband too! I doubt mine would let me go out while he has to take care of our baby in future!

  3. LOL. I knew both of you would say that. Anyway, he went out with his friends more than me. Maybe that's why he felt guilty kua..:P

  4. If only mine would also feel guilty for leaving me at home all the time.. hahahaha



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