Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'm sure some of you would be curious to know whether I've solved my problems or not. If you read the previous post comments, you should know that I've already spoken to my current babysitter and offerred her a raise which she sort of agreed. On a condition that she cooks Eliza's porridge but I will provide all the food stuff. I still gave her time to think. Instead the other new babysitter that I've found sounds so interested and excited to take care of Eliza. Earn another extra income who wouldn't right? She followed up on our decision through a friend. Now I'm confused.

Anyway, here are some pictures I want to share.

We were at a park. First image: That's Eliza doing pat-a-cake when I sang that nursery rhyme. Second image: That's her doing the part "Mark it with a B".

I was excited with new clips so I put all of them on her hair!

Couldn't resist to take a few pictures of her in a bikini. Couldn't get a clearer picture because she's always moving around and I'm also using my mobile phone.

After pestering from my best friend, I finally decided to post my dinner from two nights ago. This is what I cooked. So happy now? :P I wonder whether that "someone" will say that my picture is too small.

Omellette with french beans. Beaten eggs were added seasonings like soya sauce, sesame oil and pepper.

Marmite chicken. Fried chicken with marmite as the gravy.

Just a video for your pleasure..:D


  1. Hahahahaha.. the video clip is so cute, what song was she singing? I like how she pointed at the book, cute little fingers.. have you taught her how to do the thumb up? I love it when my niece was learning that last time!

  2. cute huh? I don't know what the heck is she singing also. Sometimes she just make up the song. Most of the time is either Twinkle twinkle little star, I love you or the blue danube.

    never thought abt teaching her to do the thumbs up lar. hehe but she knows how to high 5 and do shhh. and also do the hand action "no more".

  3. So cute lar the video and ooo, I loooove her sexy shoulders!

    Your food pictures look good. Next time must cook for me marmite chicken ok? I think I'm into marmite nowadays. That day I love the marmite shrimps I ate at your house when your mum in law cooked. Then I asked kreazi to order Marmite crabs when I went to visit her the last time and now your Marmite chicken wings looks scrumpdelicious!

  4. Haha sexy shoulders.

    Ok, if I remember I will cook it ok? But you must promise to cook for me too. That sui gao of yours looks good and three treasures also. I did marmite spare ribs before also. So maybe one day I'll do that and take a picture.

  5. Wah seksa seksi lil dahling in her bikini lol! Where did you get the bikini?

    Hmm hard to explain the taste of marmite to an american, cause I don't remember the taste of it! lol But it does look tasty lah dahling! *drool*

    I love that video of her! Even Kenny was smiling and laughing at her antics :P lol

  6. That bikini was given to me by TNBIL's wife.

    There's no marmite in US? How come? I thought it's like vegemite too. It's very very popular in OZ. They eat everything with vegemite. It's like their staple food! LOL.

    Oh you showed it to Kenny? LOL.



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