Thursday, September 4, 2008

Playgroup for Lil' dahling

I can't believe myself. I signed up for Lil' dahling to join this playgroup called Gymboree in Bangsar Village. It seems surreal because I can't believe I would spend that amount of money. LOL. Maybe this is what a parent would do for the sake of their child.

Actually I went to Gymboree one time before but I was late for the trial class so I just managed to ask a couple of questions and see how the class was conducted. This time I went in time to join the class. Eliza was excited seeing so many balls for her to play. She seemed ok playing with the stuff but when the class started, she was a bit scared already. It was "Push and Pull Day" so the teacher had a few activities including pulling string, pushing a big ball and etc. The kids had to line up for some of the activities for their turn but when it comes to Eliza's turn, she freaked out. I was a bit disappointed at first but then I didn't want to push her because it's her first time. Well, she enjoyed the music and dancing though. She's a scaredy cat this little girl. LOL. During bubbles time, the teacher blew a big bubble for each kid to pop and she freaked out too. During parachute time, where the teacher and parents will form a circle and hold the parachute up together. The kids were suppose to be under the parachute. The parachute is like a canopy. Eliza freaked out too.

I just hope my investment is worth the money and it will do good to Eliza. Otherwise, I'll kill myself..:P It's a year package with 54 classes of play, music and art. It costs me RM 1,780 and additional cost of RM 150 for membership fees. I'm sweating just mentioning the amount! There will be less facial for you know that young girl? Waaaa.....Less shopping too. Oh boo hoo!

Can't wait for this Saturday's class. I really pray and hope, Eliza will be fine and participate in the class.

Oh my another sister in-law (wife of TNBIL) delivered her baby girl already last weekend on the 30 August. I broke the news to my mom and received a few good naggings from her. *roll my eyes*. Want to know what that's all about? Well, she asked me when's my turn to get a second child. I know my parents are getting older and they want grandson from me badly. It's pressurising and even brainwashed me. Now I want a son badly too! And so the project begins...
Any tips? ;)


  1. Hahahahahaha.. you pulak kena nag! Nasib baik, I'm still safe from that! Eh but I read somewhere that if you want a son, the wife must eat more vege and the husband more meat. Gan batte okies! And at one glance RM1780 seems like a lot of money, I also will sakit hati.. but it's 54 classes, so average it out, 1 class is about RM40...ermm.. quite okay lar to invest on your child's development. If it's Ju On, he'll probably say.. aiyoh, eat one meal of sushi oredi gone lar RM40! Hehehehehehe

  2. Hahahaha. u're so funny kreazi. I think Ju On and Yap can shake hands la. He also will say things like that. hehehehe.

    oh wife must eat more vege? Hmm..thought that's for girl?

  3. One good tip from me. Pray really hard! Hehe.

  4. Thanks for the tip sunsetrose. I have been doing that but still must remind myself to be more diligent in it!



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