Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Deco At Malacca's Jusco

A few weeks ago, we went back to my hometown, Malacca. So we went to the Jusco there, the one near to the main Tesco and Malacca Sentral, the main bus station. I was surprised that the Christmas deco was already up even before December. What's more they even have an 'ice skating rink'. We didn't enter the rink because I'm actually quite scared to ice skate. Haha. My verdict for the deco? It's better than last year. I thought the huge snowman made of mineral bottles last year was quite ugly. LOL.

My nephew, Brandon with my two lil' dahlings.

The 'ice skating rink' with that blue float provided but funny no ice skating shoes provided though.
Some bonus pictures to share...

Joseph having the ACS mee. I've blogged about it before here.

It must be that good huh? Look at his face.

The ACS mee shop from the outside. It's at Jalan Tengkera, beside Klinik Khaw and opposite the Wesley Methodist Church. Look at my kid-magnet nephew carrying my boy.


  1. Curious to know how to skat with floater. The ACS mee must be real good, I can see that from your son's eating behavior. :D

  2. Oh ur hometown is at Malacca. How nice with so many yummy local delicacies and interesting place to visit.

  3. Wah I see that noodle also I drool lahhhhhh..

  4. Wow..your son with that bowl. The noodle soup must be that good

  5. Sheoh Yan: They just skate with their own shoes. With the float, I saw them sitting on it while someone push them around. Yes, do give it a try..that mee when you're down in Malacca.

    Yee Ling: I'm glad that you enjoy Malacca. LOL. Now you know..

    Jenny: Drool eh? Then come down to Malacca one day lar.

    de engineur:'s good. try it one day!



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