Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Roaring Fun In Sunway Lagoon

Yesterday I blogged about the Amusement Park and what we did there in Sunway Lagoon. So after we have covered all the rides that my children wanted to ride, we went for our lunch and then we moved on to the Wild Life Park. Previously, the Wild Life Park has a separate entrance and ticket counter. But now everyone can enter already. Our tickets are the 3 Park tickets which allow us to enter the Amusement Park, Wild Life Park and Water Park. We did not manage to finish everything in the Wild Life Park because we were afraid of the time constraint. No visit to Sunway Lagoon is complete if you never spend enough time in the Water Park, am I right?

The Pet Village is quite fun to visit. Although it's nothing great but at least the kids get some interactions with the animals there. They tried their hand in feeding the animals and petting them.

I can't share any photos of the Water Park unfortunately. My camera isn't water proof and I'm sure you know once you have changed into your swimming suit and stuffed everything in the locker, you don't want to bring anything along. It would be troublesome especially there's no one to keep an eye on your belongings and we'll be busy having fun with the kids. However, the children did enjoy their time splashing, sliding and building sandcastles at the Water Park. Even though there are times where they freaked out. LOL. Elizabeth is especially afraid of those buckets of water that pours out once they are filled to the brim. She was afraid it would pour on her. Joseph was braver but refused to enter his own baby float. I don't know why he has phobia going into his float. Well, that's the fun we did in Sunway Lagoon!

Not sure what kind of bird this is but it was moving freely near us in the Aviary section.

Lovebirds in the Aviary section also.

I haven't seen a Malayan Tapir before. I find it cute. This one is quite shy though trying to stay as far as possible from the viewing glass.

I like Spotted Deer too but this one is showing its bum bum to me.

A kind of exotic bird.

This is an Asian Small Clawed Otter. This one swam up to us so close. We can even reach and touch it if we want to. 

I like them! They are so playful and friendly.

The hare and the tortoise. Sounds like the story title isn't it. Haha. Look! The tortoise's poo is as big as a human's.

Many were mesmerised by this Albino Python including Joseph who went to see it several times.

Joseph taking a breather in front of this place called Lake Monster. I can't seem to find the monster.

The three of us in front of some Macaws.

Joseph blowing a leaf into the Koi Pond. Naughty fella. He just enjoys throwing leaves or twigs into the Koi Pond.

I caught sight of this white monkey sleeping. Isn't it adorable? With his hands in a clasp and feet together.

This is at the Pet Village where we can feed and touch the animals.

The moment the rabbits saw people entering, they ran to us looking for food. We're feeding them kangkung.

"Must touch them all!!"

So cute Guinea Pigs feasting on kangkung too!

Finally Elizabeth wants to try feeding. Maybe it's because the Guinea Pigs are in the cage.


  1. Yes, Sunway Lagoon is too big to explore. We have to fully utilize the time to do what the kids like.

  2. Wow, I didn't know they had so many attractions over at the Wildlife Park. It looks pretty good. Must do this the next time we're there :)

  3. oh i have the same thoughts too. I didn't know there are so much to see at Sunway Lagoon. Ashley has been asking us to take her there but we still have not :)

  4. Wow, happening lar your family. I enjoyed the photos too but I think I'm really not a fan of birds. I love dogs but ah..there's lake monster in Malaysia? I thought only in lochs..haha.

  5. @Sheoh Yan: I agree. Didn't see everything also.

    @Germaine: Yeah it's not too bad. Like a mini zoo. Don't miss the Pet Village.

    @Barbara: Yeah since Ashley loves going to the zoo, you can consider this.

    @sunsetrose: hahaha.happening meh? I was also wondering why they call it Lake Monster. Funny.

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