Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Deco and Garret In KLCC

TGIF! And what do I normally do during my long lunch hour on Fridays? I either stay in the office, go out for lunch (duh!) or go shopping in KLCC. I only go to KLCC whenever I have things to buy because it's the nearest big mall from my office. I've done all my Christmas shopping at KLCC this year. KLCC is my usual haunt la.  So if you want to stalk me on Fridays, you can always look for me at KLCC. Just I'll be looking left and right, so wary next time in KLCC. *pulling my thick skin*

Anyways, if you are curious how the Christmas deco for this year looks like, I am going to share a pic with you here.

This is it. It's at their main centre court.
For me, the deco is nothing great. Not much of difference or improvement compared to last year. Their Christmas decorations used to be good. Now it's just normal.

I went to the post office after finishing my Christmas shopping. As I was walking towards the post office in KLCC, I could smell a very familiar aroma in the air but I didn't bother looking for the source at that time because I wanted to quicky finish running my errand at the post office. After I'm done with my errand, I had to walk past that area again and again I could smell it. They smell like popcorns and I quickly look for the source. And true enough, they were popcorns! Then I noticed the long queue and the eager look on those people lining up. They're just popcorns, I was thinking but what's the big deal? I was debating whether to join the crowd or not and suddenly I find myself lining up too. Uh oh, I'm drawn to it like an ant to a candy. I guess the smell had a great crowd pulling effect. So I took some photos although there were signs saying no photographing allowed. I didn't use my flash anyway so nobody noticed.

Look at the queue. It's a U shape. LOL. I'm getting impatient at this point. But didn't give up because of the smell.

The lighted poster at the outlet. It's the first outlet in Malaysia and just arrive in Malaysia very recently.

Yes, Garret popcorn. Still quite long more before my turn.
This is the bag of popcorns.

The popcorns separated in two bowls, ready to be consumed by my two lil' dahlings. They finished up all the Cheese Corn popcorn and left the Caramel Crisp for me! That means they are cheese fan also..:)

My verdict after putting one popcorn in my mouth? I've never tasted popcorn this good! It makes me keep digging my hand into the popcorn bag non-stop. I got the Chicago Mix which means a mixture of Caramel Crisp popcorn and Cheese Corn popcorn, medium size for RM 21! Good things don't come cheap. But I tell you, it's worth it. Never mind the queue even. The Caramel Crisp popcorn was good and the Cheese Corn popcorn felt like it melted in my mouth. I'm a fan of cheese so it's superbly good for me. Me likey! I had to refrain myself for finishing the whole bag because it's so good, I didn't want to finish it. I want to let my hubby and kids have a taste of it. Will definitely come back for more. Two thumbs up!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


  1. Envy you, you can do shopping on every Friday. What a funky Friday for you. Garret popcorn is so good and so expensive, but I am not a popcorn person.

  2. wow working so near to KLCC is fun, especially during Isetan sale...hehehhee. i find that KLCC's decors during festive season are pretty dull compared to other malls :)

  3. The thing about KLCC is they don't have that BIG space to splurge on decors. But then again, if they are really good, they should be able to come out with something great even with limited space. I'll be there on Thursday for an event so as usual, i'll be checking out their decor jugak lah. Dapat preview in your blog first though :D

  4. wow oh wow....I'm imagining the taste alread...but 21RM? wow.....haha..:)

  5. We were in town yesterday but hor the jam was horrible and we did not get into any of the malls..**sobs**

    Popcorn...I love caramel one!

  6. Sheoh Yan: LOL. Yes, I can do shopping on every Friday if I want to. But cannot la every friday. The parking fee itself will kill me. So I only go when I need to.

    Mommy to Chumsy: Aiyoh talking about Isetan sale. Sometimes you drive all the way there and they put up a sign saying the parking is full.

    Merryn: Yes, you check out and let me know your views.

    Martha: hahaha..give your girls a treat after that horrible virus. I'm sure they'll love it. Yes, it's so expensive right? nvm, once in a blue moon.

    Yee Ling: Typical lar. When Selangor got public holiday they invade KL. But it's a wrong decision. Better just stay in Selangor. haha. I love the caramel one too but you must give the cheese corn a try. it's like cheezels. Sure like one..:)

  7. I must try Garret popcorn one day, only that worried is heaty for my children.

  8. Kok Ling, yes you must try. it's really good. not heaty lar. drink lots of water. once in a while it's ok.



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