Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Amusing Fun in Sunway Lagoon

12th of December was a public holiday for my hubby who works in Selangor but it was not for me. So I took leave to enjoy with my family at Sunway Lagoon. Coincidentally, I purchased 3 tickets at a cheaper price(Joseph enters free) and the tickets expire end of December. So by hook or by crook have to go to Sunway Lagoon before the year ends. Since it was a public holiday for Selangor, we had already made plans to be at the doorstep of Sunway Lagoon before the ticket counter opens at 10 o'clock in the morning. The 'kiasuness' in us. LOL. We arrived just as plan but we were not surprised to see many people already there more 'kiasu' than us. First of all, we headed to the amusement park. We don't want to get wet first. 

The Christmas deco in front of Sunway Lagoon's entrance.

Everyone started queing up even though the ticket counters were not open yet.

This impatient little spongebob already walking here and there grazing his head at the line divider as he walked by. 

Elizabeth wants a picture with this blue ducky.

So keen in viewing the map of Sunway Lagoon.

Elizabeth pointing to her 'wristwatch' - with the band then you are permitted to enter.
The first thing she saw was this carousel and so thrilled to get a ride on it.

Opps guess I spoilt the picture. Didn't mean to cover my face. The lil' dahlings are so smiley.

The view when we were on the ferris wheel. This is the roller coaster but nothing of this sort of thrill rides for me. I'm too old for this sort of rides. 

Joseph and his peace sign again. We're still in the ferris wheel. We're in a wagon shaped carriage!

View from the wagon on another side. It's the entrance of Sunway Lagoon.

Another kiddie ride but adults are allowed to accompany their kids. 

Joseph was bugging me the whole time when he saw his sister on the ride. He couldn't understand why he had to wait his turn because Mummy wants to take picture lah. Haha. Finally he got his wish.

On the way to other rides, this was in the middle of no where and we haven't enter the Wildlife Park even. Just look at the tiger taking a dip in the cool water. Enjoying itself.

Spinning cup ride called The Apache Pots. I had to take care of the bags because we are not allowed to take bags along on rides. So Papa gets to go first with the kids. Can you see my excited girl looking for me?
Now it's Mummy's turn with the kids. Joseph with his peace sign again! Aiyoh somebody really gotta teach that kid.

We're on the very long suspension bridge. Can be quite scary if you're afraid of heights.

Leaving the suspension bridge already. Thankfully nobody fainted because of the heights..:P
Pictures overload already. Next post will be our stop at the Wildlife Park. Stay tuned.


  1. Wow! Looks fun! It's been years since we went to Sunway Lagoon! Guess I should bug my hubby to take us there one of this days heheheh...

  2. Hey...u went to Sunway Lagoon after 2 days I went...hehhehe. U r not kiasu la...i lagi kiasu.

  3. Did you guys go to the water park? My girls only like to stay in the water park.

  4. Wah! SO much FUN! Eh my girl also making peace sign like that - all fingers up! :)

  5. Ur pics looks like the weather is so nice! When I was there that day panas giler!

  6. Jenny: Yeah I'm sure Ben will love it especially he likes to play with water.

    Yee Ling: Why you lagi kiasu? What did you do? hehehe.

    Sheoh Yan: Yeah we went but I couldn't take any pics. Troublesome to bring camera along.

    Germaine: Hey! So my boy and your girl can high five with both hands together! LOL.

    Merryn: Yeah, so grateful and thankful to God for giving us a nice weather that day. It didn't rain also!

  7. Wah, happening also hor Sunway Lagoon. I still remember our first trip there many many years ago and how we were all wet eventhough we only went to the dry park, haha. It looks a lot like Singapore's USS, sans the roller coasters lar.



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