Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Long Weekend

Don't we all just wish the long weekend wouldn't end? It was a refreshing long weekend especially for those who also took Monday off(just like me!). Now it's back to work and a few people cursed(like my hubby :P) at the thought of going back to work. Last weekend, I went back to Malacca again. It was a more relaxing one this time because we stayed home most of the time as I want to spend as much time as I can with my Dad. However, we did go out to get food and this week I'm sharing about the famous ACS Mee as how my family like to call it. I'm not sure whether other Malaccans also do the same.

If you are very familiar with Malacca you might know where this makan place is. It's along Jalan Tengkera, right opposite Wesley Methodist Church. We gave the name ACS Mee because ACS stands for Anglo-Chinese School. This school is behind Wesley Methodist Church and is also my dad's old school. He used to frequent this place back during his schooling days back when it was just 5 cents a bowl! So hence the name and if I got it right, the GPS coordinates are 2.202399,102.236487.

The famous ACS mee that I tapau-ed  home. We ordered kuay teow and mee. Can you see the yummy crispy prawn fritters, fish ball and there's also fish cake slices if you can spot. Lucky day because we can still get a lot of prawn fritters otherwise sometimes we will get only a few pieces. 

This is the ACS mee with the soup here. The picture above was without the soup for photo taking purposes only. Hehe. The soup is really tasty and part of the reason why this mee is our favourite. My mom's favourite! Eat it fast before the prawn fritters get all soggy!

From Malacca to KL. We went back to KL on Sunday evening although we took leave on Monday. Why? That's because we already had plans for a kiddy's day out! We made a promise to bring Elizabeth for her very first cinema experience. It's a day planned for her only because her little brother isn't quite ready for his first cinema experience.

We had breakfast first before going to KLCC at Shange Dim Sum in Sri Petaling. The dim sum was not bad. Worth a try. We watched the movie at TGV KLCC because that is the only place that still shows Rio (not in 3D). It's the only movie for kids showing at the moment. Did Elizabeth enjoy it? Well, she doesn't mind going for movies again but she didn't enjoy the movie! Can you believe that? She was afraid and asked to go to wee wee many times! I don't know what she's afraid about. In the end, after the movie, she said, "Didi at auntie's place so long." She missed her little brother after all.

 Kiddy's day out.

 Breakfast at Shange Dim Sum. Press me for service button. Cool isn't it? Maybe I'm jakun.

 Chicken in glutinous rice(loh mai kai), barbecued pork buns(char siew pau) and bakuteh shanghai dumplings. The bakuteh shanghai dumplings are good. I like it!

 My favourite siew mai

 My daughter's and hubby's favourite, fish balls.

 Hong Kong chee cheong fun

Elizabeth enjoying her fish balls.
 My little princess

 This kind of things always catches her eye.

She must have a ride on it at least once.

If I ever have an Ipad, this is how Elizabeth will look like. Glued to it!

Yeay! We got the tickets.

No, this is not Rio. Unfortunately Rio doesn't have a poster there already since it's considered an old movie.

That's how she looked at the first sight of the big screen.

After the movie and lunch, we quickly returned home to this sexy boy!


  1. All these yummylicious food...making me salivating in office! aiii..just realised how hungry I am! hehehehee Thanks for sharing especially on the ACS noodle! Tot it was lard...yum!!! hehehehe - Cheryl

  2. Mmmm ACS mee looks good. WOuld love to try it. If we are down in Melaka, the things we usually eat are the chicken rice ball and cendol - so tourist wan! How exciting for your little girl to have her first cinema outing. Maybe too loud that's why she scared.

  3. Hey that ACS mee looks yummylicious! Makes me want to plan a makan trip to Melaks! Hmmmmmmm...

    Btw, love the dress Elizabeth's wearing. Very nice!

  4. Cheryl: Is that you Cheryl? Cheryl Tang? hehe.

    mom2kiddos: Yeah that's what usually tourists do. So I'm here to provide you with other alternatives..hehe. I guess it's a little bit of the loud noise and also she's anxious of what's to happen in the movie. She's like that.

    Jenny:Oh pls do come down to Melaka for a visit. I'm sure Ben will love it! Thanks for your compliment!

  5. believe it or not, I've not been to Malacca for more than 10 years now, and my kids have never been. I'll have to make a trip soon. :) I remember my children's firsttrip to the cinema too...oh the excitement of it all! :)

  6. That's a very nice dress your lil dahling wearing!

    YUM, dim sum always my fave!^^

  7. Martha: Really? Time to plan a trip then. Your children will love it. So did your children enjoy their first experience to the cinema?

    Alice:Thanks! The dress is a gift from a dear old friend. Dim sum is also my fave!;)

  8. The last time we went to Melaka, Ben was 6 months old then. And we stayed at A Famosa Resort area, rented one of the villas there with hubby's bro family and sis.

    We did dropped by Melaka town to have the chicken rice balls (yummmmsss!) but don't remember anything else leh.. :P



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