Thursday, December 15, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale

I did not manage to go to the Big Bad Wolf first sale in October. So when I heard that they are going to do another round called the Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale from the 24 -28 November 2011, I really didn't want to miss it this time around. The venue was in South City Plaza (Ok, I know this place. Shouldn't have problem finding it ^_^). So to the Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale I did and came back with some books in hand.

"The ones that were left behind" was the tagline and pretty much sums up most of the books you can find there. Some were torn, stickers were missing, stickers were pasted on the books already, CDs were missing and there were dog ears. But what do you expect for RM5 or less per book! The crowd was still manageable maybe because it was a weekday and it's not the last day of sale. But my goodness, some people really grabbed a lot of books like it's going to be doomsday. LOL. I saw one mother and her two children filled up two big carton boxes with books! :O

Since Christmas was the next month at the time of the sale, I got the books for my children and nephews as a Christmas present. I already had plans to use the books as Christmas present from hubby and me since their bigger present will be from ‘Santa’. Christmas presents cannot only come from Santa right? The kids will surely ask how come they don’t have any present from me. So here are the books that I’ve bought. Aren't they a steal or what?

This is a colouring book with 3 crayons in the shapes of a honey pot, butterfly and star for RM3. One of the crayon is broken if you can see.

Toy Story 3 storybook and CD so that you can listen and read-along for RM 3

Little Einsteins book includes stickers for RM 2

Another Little Einsteins book with stickers but unfortunately one of the sticker is missing for RM 3

A Little Golden Book Classic, who wouldn't want to miss it! RM 3

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book for RM 3. My boy will like this. It's a lift-the-flap book with stickers.

A Scooby-Doo book for RM 2

Another Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book for RM 3.


  1. Ehh...not bad. You managed to get lots of books, in fact I think aftermath sale is much cheaper. Only thing is books may be limited,right>

  2. Wah..those kiddy books are so cheap.

    Those RM3.00 books, are they thick or those 10-15 page ones? Would love to get those for my kids too

  3. Wow! Bargain!

    I only managed to get my hubby to snap up some books in the Scholastic book buffet earlier this month. 25 books for Rm49.90 (the price of the small bag that you buy in order to stuff as much books as you can)

  4. Yee Ling: Hehe..yup. It's much cheaper because I think they want to clear stock and some of the books are not in perfect condition. Not that limited, the stock is still a lot! Just that you might not purchase some because really not in a good condition and some stickers are missing. Must be really good at finding.

    de engineur: Those books look thin but they actually have around 23 pages to 32 pages.

    Jennny: Oh I didn't know about the Scholastic book buffet ler. Your purchase is even cheaper! If you take RM49.90 and divide by 25 books! Nvm, I think I've got enough of books purchased already this year. LOL.



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