Friday, December 16, 2011

Long Awaited Birthday Present

During our recent trip back to Malacca, we finally made time to stop by a bicycle shop. We have been procrastinating or couldn't find the time to pay a visit to a bicycle shop. Why do we need to go to a bicycle shop? It's because of a promise. A promise to a little girl, that we would get her a bicycle as her birthday present. She's already grown out of her tricycle phase and we think it's time for her to own a bicycle. But terrible parents we are and after a month after her birthday, we finally got her her long awaited birthday present.

She being a sweet and patient girl always relent when we coined up excuses or reasons to put off the plan to go to a bicycle shop. And when we finally got it, she wanted to ride it out in the open straight away but we told her not until we bring it back to KL. Then she had to wait until the following weekend when we can finally bring her to the park. Finally, she got to ride on it out in the open. Haha. And so marks another milestone, my daughter's first time riding a bicycle.

Elizabeth finally got her ride on her new bike! See, we haven't even take out the plastic bubble wrap on the bicycle.

Sister cycles while brother happily stroll along. I got a feeling he knew he's still too small for the bike and it's not his turn yet. 

You lead, I follow. Sister became a little lazy after peddling for a while and expected to be pushed. *slaps forehead*
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. so normal to want to be pushed! hehehe... just like my 2nd girl too :).

  2. Aw, I can see the happiness in her face! Your boy is very good - my girl always fighting over my son's bicycle. We have to get her one soon! :)

  3. that is a very sweet bike and your girl looks so happy :)

  4. It's good that she is sensible to not kick up a fuss when you postpone her gift. I think she will grow up to be a great girl :) Thumbs up for the parents!

  5. it reminds me of my childhood too, i also longed a bicycle during my birthdae but daddy kept delaying the present for me


  6. It seems like quite small for her. (the bicycle), maybe is angle punya pasal.

  7. Martha: Haha is it? I hope my son won't do that to me next time. lol.

    Germaine: I think coz he's happy enough to be pushing it. lol. no need to get so soon for your daughter lar. it will be too small and waste money.

    Barbara: Thanks!

    Jenny: Hehe..thanks!

    sunsetrose: But she did remind us from time to time ler. Still she kicks up a fuss on very trivial matters. lol.

    Fish: lol..busy parents what to do right?

    Kok Ling: Small eh? Actually we haven't adjust the seat. That will take don't how long more just to adjust it..:P

  8. Nowadays the kids are so lucky. They can get a bicycle at very young age. You know how old i was when i got my first bike? 12 yrs old ler. A pressie as promised by dad if I do well in my UPSR exam..LOL!!

  9. Your son is so obedient, at least he didn't pester you to get him one new bike too.

  10. Yee Ling: Yeah kids are lucky nowadays. I also got my first bike when I was in primary school. I think maybe standard 5 or 6.

    Sheoh Yan: Maybe he's still too young to know how to pester on material things. He only pester when it comes to food. lol.



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