Monday, May 23, 2011

Thieves In The Night

It's night time. What are those shadowy figures? Are there thieves in my house?

Am I seeing it correctly? Why are they small sized? Can you see clearer now?

Caught in the act! It's just my little dahlings playing with the torch light in the bedroom. Just give them each a torch light and they'll be so excited. Shining the torchlight everywhere and screaming in delight. Ah, it's so easy to make children happy, isn't it? If only it's always this easy to keep them occupied. LOL.


  1. I also liked to play with torchlight when I was young and make 'animals' with my fingers esp butterfly...hehe..

  2. when the torchlight gets boring, you can give them other stuff like your cooking ware for drums, your lipstick for them to colour each other's faces or your clotehs for them to play dress up. LOL.. this was a short cute post. :)

  3. Hi Carolyn, glad to see your kids not afraid of the dark. Good idea too giving them those flashlights.
    Maybe can cut out small pics stick to the flashlights and shine on Batman...
    That should get them all shook up, ha ha.
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.

  4. kids are the same - go beserk over torchlights. Very clever post with the title and pics!

  5. sunsetrose: me too..butterflies are always the common ones right?

    martha: hey, that's a good idea. thanks for the tips. glad that you enjoyed this post.

    Uncle Lee: they can be afraid of the dark sometimes. Maybe they weren't this time because I was with them and they had the torchlight. That's also a good idea. Thanks Uncle Lee.

    Merryn: Thanks!

    mom2kiddos: Kids are kids right? hehe. Glad that you enjoyed the post!

  6. Hahaha, I see you also have a torchlight post now! :P

    Kids these days...;P

  7. Jenny: Yeah wanted to do a post abt it..but you were faster..:P

  8. Always adore kids' imagination, your anak probably in the middle of their exciting adventure!^^



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