Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh Malacca!

Last weekend was spent in my hometown again. I've been up and down Malacca nearly every weekend because of family matters. When you're down in Malacca maybe most people will think about the food. We do that too if my parents decided not to cook. Moreover we have to feed ourselves right? So let me show you what I had.

ABC. Look at that gula melaka larva. It looks so enticing and tastes as nice as it looks too! 

This is the famous Duck Mee. Sorry I should've took the photo before I mix the dish up.

One of the side dishes, hard boiled eggs in dark sauce. Yummy! Sorry about the messy dish, it was attacked by hungry piranhas.

Another side dish, yong tau foo.

The restaurant is very close by to the Malacca River Cruise. The cruise is really popular.

The restaurant is also close to Hang Jebat Monorail Station.

This is the restaurant.
So if you are familiar with Malacca, you can make a trip to this restaurant. It's off Jalan Tun Sri Lanang and if you are coming from St. Peter's Church, just go ahead and you will see Ping Ming Chinese School on your right and Restoran Lim Tian Puan on your left. Turn in there and it's along that row of shops. It's quite worth the try. We managed to avoid the crowd. Do come early at about 7pm then there will be plenty of seats.

This is Yong Peng Fish Ball Mee. Those are pork meat on the mee and it comes with a bowl of soup with fish balls.

I'm not trying to take photo of that man. LOL. Just want to show the name of the place. Look above the photo.
This is also a popular restaurant but I don't know whether it's just me or what but the taste wasn't that good as I remembered that day. Still the place is always crowded whenever I drop by. You can also order side dishes of yong tau foo to accompany your noodles. If you still want to give this place a shot, you can go to Melaka Raya (near Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade) where most of the Bridal shops are situated. It's at Jalan Merdeka and it's a corner shop lot.


  1. Don't think I have tried at the places you went but glad you are getting adventurous finding nice food around Malacca :) Do post more pics ok?

  2. Tell lah earlier! That day we went to Malacca River so very da hot! If I know, I'd stop for that ABC with gula melaka larva!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  3. YUm at the ice kacang, tht's my all time favourite!!^^

    Malacca is definitely my fav hangout!

  4. Monorail? Didn't know M'cca got monorail d? Wow... I hope u didn't post those food on purpose to tease me LOL! Yeah, I guess what I missed most about m'cca are the glorious food there besides family of course :)

  5. Oooo.. the Yong Peng noodle looks nice! I'm a sucker for noodles like that and fish balls too! Yummmmsss....

  6. You are making me hungry... very hungry. and I am supposed to be on a diet..... :)

  7. sunsetrose: sure next time i will post more of my food trails in mcca if there is more lar. hahaha

    Merryn: Too late haha. I didn't know you were going back too. I'm sure there's next time, so don't forget to try ok?

    Alice: My all time fav too. don't forget to try when u go Mcca ok?

    Alison: Haha another Malaccan who doesn't know that Mcca has monoroil already. But don't fret, it's perfectly normal. I also don't know many things about Mcca. intention to tease you but you can come back for it next time ok? Not coming back this year?

    Jenny: Hehe..the fish balls are good by the way..;)

    mumsgather: forget about the diet. just indulge once in a while should be ok. hehe.



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