Thursday, May 5, 2011

Colour Of My Life

Children are so adorable. I'm not trying to sound bias but I'm sure you feel the same when you think that your own children are the most adorable in the world. My daughter has stopped daycare and so far it has all been manageable. So far so good. Crossing my fingers. So on the first day when I arrived at my babysitter's house to pick the children up, I asked her this..

Me: You got do your homework or not?
Elizabeth: Got! Auntie can speak english lar. Why you say cannot?
Me: Okok. (in an embarrass tone)

Actually I told her to do her homework by herself and then I will check it once we get home. And since I want her to practise her Chinese, I told her to speak to the babysitter in Chinese. She must've misunderstood me and thought that the babysitter can't speak a word of English. She must be so surprised when the babysitter could guide her in her English homework. LOL.

Joseph on the other hand, has started to learn the art of complaining by pointing finger at his sister! He is a good child actor I must say. He will shout, "Mummy!" followed with the furrowed brows, accusing tone and pointing his finger at his sister. LOL.

Yesterday while I was putting the boy to sleep, I overheard Elizabeth arguing with her papa over the TV. She wanted to watch TV while drinking her milk as usual but her papa was already watching a programme halfway. So I heard this..

Elizabeth: Papa, I want to watch my Little Einstein.
Papa: Wait a while. Let me watch this first.
Elizabeth: Long time I never watch Little Einstein, wait Little Einstein don't know me already!

I couldn't help but to snigger at that statement.

Then while everyone was sleeping yesterday, I swept and mop the floor. It must be the noise of the chair when I dragged it across the floor that woke Joseph up. I heard the pitter patter of tiny feet approaching nearer while I was sweeping the floor. He was rubbing his eyes, looking so groggy and walking wobbly. I had to stop what I was doing and bring him back to bed. He went off to sleep almost immediately the moment his head touches the pillow. I guessed he was searching for me when he saw I was not by his side.

And as if they were taking turns, his sister woke up when I was folding the laundry while watching TV. She was sobbing and demanded me to sleep with her. So I had to cease whatever I was doing and went to bed with her.

Ah children. They can get you on your nerves sometimes but they can also colour up your life for sure. :)

Smooch smooch!


  1. oh poor thing.. let her watch Little Einstein! Nanti Little Einstein dunno her dy how? hahahhaa...

  2. LOL... what can be more grateful thn hvg not 1 but 2 sweethearts! Your girl sure can talk back,lol!^^

  3. I like the last pic..will Joseph kiss me the next time I see him? :)



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