Monday, May 30, 2011

Feel like a VIP

Not too long ago, I signed up for a Proton Exora VIP test-drive session and was lucky to be selected to join the event. I don't know what's in it for us that signed up but I just did it anyway since hubby and I were both interested in MPVs if we were to buy a new car one day. So it was nice that I got selected and I get to bring hubby along. The sad thing is we're not allowed to bring children along. Luckily I have my babysitter to turn to.

We were one of the early birds to arrive. So we got to enjoy breakfast longer.

Each couple were given a clipboard. This is part of the itenary for the event.

I even got a chance to meet a celebrity mommy blogger, Merryn. ;) One very hot mama.

There were brief talks on parenting issues as part of the programme.

Fullhouse Cafe in Sunway Giza Mall. Quite a cool venue to host the event. This is where the talks and briefings were held. Not to forget the meals provided too! That car is so super cute!

Do I look like a reporter? I'm suppose to be a VIP ler.

All the participants for the event. Everyone was excited to take the picture that we shielded the poor Exora car at the back. LOL.

All set to go! I am test-driving first. Route was from Sunway Giza Mall in Kota Damansara to Desa Parkcity in Kepong.

The car comes with GPS. (for high line in Exora only) 

My dear hubby testing on how it would feel to be a passenger right at the back row.

It's his turn now! What a poser.

When we arrived in Desa Parkcity, we were taken to the car park near the park for a performance test-drive session. The aim was for us to test the Advanced Braking System (ABS).

This was the car we drove. Nice?

One of the challenge for everyone to participate. The challenge is to put all the luggage, golf bag and a stroller into the boot as fast as we can.

While I was on my way to the washroom, I can't help but to snap a pic of this beautiful scenery of the park in Desa Parkcity.

Look at all the Exoras lining up.

We were treated to more food and talks when we returned to Fullhouse Cafe in Sunway Giza Mall.
All in all it was a good experience as I've never been to a test-drive session before. It was also not a normal test-drive as we had the priviledge to do the performance test-drive. What's more to be treated like a VIP. The Proton team were also very helpful and friendly. We were all given a series of questions to test our knowledge about the car and also 2 challenges to perform like the Storage Challenge and the Blind Fold Parking Challenge. It was great fun and everyone returned home with a prize, voucher and goody bag! ;)


  1. wooo hooo..sounded like so much fun!! so did you buy the car? :) Would you recommend it?

  2. Wah so nice wan arrrr!! I've been to Fullhouse at Sunway Giza twice, the food are delicious!

    So buying or not the car? ;)

  3. That little pink car is super cute! And you! Wow, you are gorgeous. It looks like it was quite a productive day!

  4. Wow...really VIP treatment. How come I never knew about this? I test drove it without any treament. You so pretty wan, some more so tall. I'm jealous again.

  5. Martha: yeah it was fun. maybe you can sign up too if u want to feel like a vip. haha.

    Jenny: I've never been to Sunway Giza. It was my first time so was a bit jakun. I've been looking for a reasonable MPV. So when there's this event, i took the opportunity to sign up for it.

    Sandra: Thanks for stopping by. Hey, you're gorgeous too by the way..;)

    Germaine: you went to the showroom and test-drive is it? You have to sign up for the event at their website. pretty? aiyah it's just make up. i'm not that tall lar actually. it's the camera angle..:)

  6. had fun that day.. haha.. great time driving on the exora!
    well.. look serious coz it's not nice to act crazily in front of strangers? :P

  7. ken: i had fun too that day. of course you had fun lar. with the amount of money you won. jealous i..:P already finished spending?
    lol u r funny. nvm next time u are allowed to act crazily in front of me ok?



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