Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bonding Time

Technology reigns supreme in this age and everyone has to keep up with it. Adults want to be tech savvy and now kids are also slowly being influenced by technology. I mean I don't condone playing games, being glued to the computer or those handheld games all the time but sometimes I think once in a while should be fine.

For my hubby, it is an opportunity for bonding time with the kids. Since the kids stick to me like glue more than him..:P So he doesn't mind playing games together with them because he likes it himself. And I also kasi chance to him la to be closer with the kids. Thank goodness Elizabeth hasn't got herself addicted and she knows when to stop. She will tell me, "Mummy, ok, I don't want to play already. Mummy keep it." Cool huh?

Elizabeth with her birthday present from last year.

Yes, even the game must be Little Einstein.

You can use the joystick or motion play. She chose the motion-activated so at least she gets to move it move it.

But of course Joseph wants to be a part of it too! Check out his mouth..in awe. LOL.

Exaggerate only my hubby. Making it seem so exciting for Joseph.

Simple games meant for young children from 3 years old.

Elizabeth playing angry bird. Thanks to my hubby for introducing the game to her. *roll my eyes*

She can complete a level, the easy ones. When I can't complete a level, I become the angry one. Even angrier than the birds. That's why I'm not addicted. LOL.


  1. Hahaha...love the picture of Joseph with his mouth agape. In this day and age, there's no escaping computer games and gadgets!

  2. Wah, so cute!

    Luckily I have to fall into the Angry Bird mania...

    Btw, not sure why there is problem with leaving comments on Google today. I encountered this in a lot of blogspot blogs... sigh....

  3. Yalor, apparently the next generation is tech pro, my girl getting too engrossed with camera and DVD(slap forehead)!

    LOL, your Joseph also got possessed with game liao, once in a blue moon is certainly entertaining for the little ones!;D

  4. I really laughed when I read about you kasi chance and your hubby exagerating. Sounds very much like me and my hubs. Haha.

  5. i limit my children's tech time too, and allow it maybe once or 2x a week max. Angry birds? I too get addicted to that! ;P

  6. Germaine: Haha. You love it? Me too. True lar, we cannot escape it.

    Jenny: You are into Angry Bird now? Uh oh. Yeah I encountered problems too.

    Alice: wow, your girl is not bad. I still haven't allow my girl to touch my camera. DVD sometimes.

    MG: Hehe. Glad I provided some humour for you. Sometimes the husbands try to hard lar. I said if I find it annoying why wouldn't the kids find it annoying too. LOL.

    Martha: Uh oh you are an addict! Yeah maybe have to learn from you next time on how to limit them.:)

  7. Hi Carolyn, long ago any girl or man wants to work in an office has to go learn typwriting from schools.
    As well Pitman's shorthand if wanting to be a steno.
    Today, any 5 year old kid can type.

    Me, still the one finger typer.
    Can never use all fingers. Habit I guess.
    But I can be as fast as my wife, she all fingers.
    I guess kids love those video games, and yes, glad daddy has fun with them.

    You have a nice day.
    Drop by if free...Keep a song in your heart.



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