Friday, April 29, 2011

Last Day

Today will be Elizabeth's last day of daycare in her kindy. She will usually be there for a full day and I will pick her up after work. So starting from the month of May, she will be getting a transport from her teacher who would be sending her home after classes. My babysitter who is taking care of Joseph, will also be taking care of her. How did I come up with this decision? Since Joseph is bigger now, I think the babysitter can handle two. Moreover, it's not difficult to take care of Elizabeth. She's already turning 5 this year. She seems to be liking the idea too(I interrogated her many times already). She chose to be with the babysitter even though I tempted her with the phrase, "you won't get to play with your friends anymore".

Since it has been decided, we'll just have to make the best out of it. Hopefully the babysitter can cope and hopefully Elizabeth will be happy. And of course hopefully Joseph will be happy too. The only thing worrying me a bit is whether I can cope with coaching her in her homework. Yes, you heard it right, preschoolers also have homework now. It's a competitive world. All this while I've been enjoying the benefit of not having to coach her in her homework because the teachers would help her with it. I mean I do coach only when she can't finish all her homework in school. But that is not everyday. Come next week and I have to start coaching her with her homework already in addition to all the other chores I have to do once I get home from work. It already sounds overwhelming. Hopefully I won't be giving up.

Can you believe one of the teacher said, "Oh so we won't be seeing you so often already". Are they starting to miss me? LOL. Elizabeth also asked me, " Mommy, so you won't fetch me in school but fetch me together with didi at didi's auntie's house, right?" She sounded so excited. Haha.

Elizabeth is a well-known crybaby in school. The teachers even joked about it. There was once the principal received her at the school gate when I dropped her off and Elizabeth was already on the verge of tears. The principal said, "It's ok. Monday blues lar." >.<
On another occasion, she cried in school after my husband left. One teacher asked her, "Elizabeth, today is what pau? Char siew pau, tau sar pau or ku pau? I don't want ku pau you know?"

Do you get the joke? Hehe. Have a nice weekend!

We don't even have to do homework when we were in kindy. Now preschoolers also have to do homework.


  1. tie her hair lah! lol.. can she see thru the hair? haha.. so cute seeing little kiddoes sitting down doing homework.. ahh... bliss! :D

  2. I seriously think she has a bunch of nice teachers... lol, even I don't get it why sending her to babysit instead, perhaps she will hv more bonding time with her lil bro?

    Frankly, kids with babysitter will mean TV, TV and snacks the whole day... I hv yet know any babysitter who will read story to the kids and let alone coach them in studies!>_<

  3. Merryn,

    hahaha. Sorry la. I do tie her hair but sometimes I don't when I don't have the time! :P


    Yeah, her teachers are nice but some garang too. Anyway, the teachers also like to bribe them with snacks lar. Very terrible.

    Honestly, I'm not sure whether it's the right decision but Elizabeth seems to prefer the idea of being with her bro and babysitter. Sigh.



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