Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cheeky Little Boy Part 2

Joseph has done it again for the umpteenth time! Running away from us as we were about to enter the lift. No matter how many times we call or beckon for him to come, he will just keep running with a cheeky laugh and talk in his baby language as if to say, "You cannot catch me (2X)". Which was what we actually did after giving up, catch him! Once he is in the lift, we have another task: to get him out of the lift. Haha. He will be busy pressing the buttons on tiptoe.

Although I don't have a chance yet to snap a picture of this but he always managed to give me a heart attack when I see him standing on the kid's chair. Mine you it's not that stable because it's light. And no matter how many times you take him down, he will still climb up. Another heart attack moment would be when he walks around on the bed. It's really so scary and it makes me feel like I'm a goal keeper blocking Joseph the ball from coming through.

Remember I mentioned in previous post that he will cry from his cot when I go to shower? Well, if he's not in the cot then he will terrorise me when I shower and play peek-a-boo with me by opening and closing the sliding door. Sometimes even walking in to join me and I had to turn off the water then scream to my hubby to carry him away. Now you would say why didn't I just close and lock the bathroom door? That's because I couldn't bear to hear him screaming, crying and banging the bathroom door for me like as if doomsday is coming. Haha. Well, I can't help it if I'm his idol right?:P

Enjoying his ride until he refused to get down.

He likes to dig for things in drawers, cupboards, cabinets and move them around the house or throw stuff inside the drawers. Something which is different from his sister. She on the other hand is a milder case and sometimes even putting the stuff back at its place. Neat eh?

Cheeky just love to play with his food. You give him a bowl of grapes and he will stuff them all in his mouth until it's too full or he will take some out from his mouth and put them down on any surface (book, floor, name it) and then put it back again in his mouth. I think I've burnt enough calories just stopping him from playing with his food.

Another skill he has mastered is the art of complaining. Yep, even though he is still not talking. He likes to try and snatch whatever toy or things in his sister's hands. If he fails, he will run to me crying. It's like a way of him complaining to me that his sister bullied him. Tsk tsk tsk. Kids these days.

Nowadays, if I can, I'll try to fold the clean clothes after he sleeps. Why? Because one minute you'll see nicely folded clothes and another minute they're all over the floor. Even unfolded clothes in the basket were not spared. He'll take one by one out and throw them on the floor. With his oh-so-serious face, "sorting" clothes is a serious business for him.

You know if you pretend to be angry or pout your mouth in disapproval of his behaviour, you would expect him to be guilty and refrain from what he is doing. But no, this cheeky will come up to instead and pinch your face with all fingers. Most of the time, my nose will be the victim. I'm not surprised when the babysitter told me about this too. Recently, he has started to push your face away besides pinching. Haha.

Cheeky's kissing skill needs to be mastered even though I do enjoy them. Who wouldn't if it's coming from an adorable flesh and blood of yours. No matter how wet and slobbery, Cheeky, Mommy is loving every kiss that you've planted on my face. Keep 'em coming!

First time in the tub together

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