Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A trip to Genting

Before this post becomes a long overdue post again. I better do it soon before I forget. Last two Sundays ago (3 October), we made an impromptu trip to Genting. I have been pestering Yap for the longest time ever and finally he said ok.

It wasn't the first trip for Elizabeth but it's the first for Joseph. Although clearly, Elizabeth doesn't remembers her last trip to Genting.

After preparing Joseph's porridge and the baby bag, we started our journey and reached Genting I think about 11 ish. The road wasn't that winding like last time but I had a driver who likes to make sharp turns causing Joseph's car seat to lift up slightly and I freaked out. Had to tell him many times to control. Not only that, Elizabeth started to feel queasy and many times she made sounds as if she wanted to vomit. Thanks to her, the driver started to drive better. Ish.

Finally we were at the peak and after finding a parking spot, we made our way all the way to the entrance of the theme park. It's quite tiresome considering we have two kids, one to push in a stroller and many flights of stairs or escalators to go through. By then, Elizabeth was already getting excited and suddenly she don't feel sick anymore. And when we did finally reached the entrance of the theme park, suddenly I realised I couldn't find my mobile phone. Oh, dear Lord. I started to panic and we had to go back all the way to the car to see whether I had left it in the car or not. Yap was already getting impatient. He decided to go to the car park with Elizabeth and told me to wait at a spot with Joseph. Finally he came back with good news that I actually left the mobile phone in the car.

So after going through all the hassle, we didn't bother to go back to the entrance of the theme park but only just go to First World's theme park. What a bummer. We bought the tickets and the first ride was the Merry-go-round. I was worried that Elizabeth would chicken out. She's quite a timid girl. But thankfully, she went on it anyway. She actually enjoyed most of the rides we went on and most of the time asking for a second round or third. The only part she was scared was when she slide down the slide in snow world because it was so slippery.

Joseph didn't went on every ride as he was asleep. But he did enjoy the rides he went on too. He enjoyed walking also. On and on and on. He doesn't know how to stop walking. We had to force him back in his stroller sometimes when he gets to hard to handle.

It was a nice short trip with the family for the first time. Everyone enjoyed themselves and seeing the kids happy is the best part of the trip. The good news is that Elizabeth can still remember about the trip until today because she is older now and I guess the trip was a memorable one for her.

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