Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Am 3 Plus, Going On 4

4 days more to Elizabeth’s 4th birthday. I remember last year when she turned 3, all of a sudden it’s like she unleashed her inner being that she has never released before. She was able to speak well, form sentences and her command of vocabulary increased. This year, I’m waiting to see what she is going to reveal when she turns 4. But even before turning 4, she is now wittier in her conversations (that’s a nice way of saying that she actually talks back).

Elizabeth: Mommy, what is this word? Low what?
Me: Mmmm..(reading magazine).
Elizabeth: Mommy!
Me: Huh? Oh low cholesterol… Faster chew your food. Nah! (while trying to feed her)
Elizabeth: I haven’t eat finish lar. (looking at me through the corner of her eyes)
Me: Talk to me nicely. Don’t do that face.
Elizabeth: I love you, mommy.
Me: Mmm..swallow your food. I don’t want to see this (pointing to the bulge on her right cheek).
Elizabeth: You read your book lar.
Me: I tell you, you better talk to me nicely ah. Just now at the park, you said you were a good
girl and I bought you an ice-cream, remember? And now you dare to talk to me like that.
Elizabeth: I love you, mommy.
Me: Ya..ya. If you talk to me like that again, I won’t buy ice-cream again for you.
Elizabeth: I WANT!!!
Me: Then you better be a good girl.

And it goes on and on. She also likes to eavesdrop and interrupt when Yap and I are talking.

Me: So are you going to buy the shoes?
Elizabeth: You buy lar. Go and buy lar.
Yap: This weekend.
Me: Eh where does this road come from?
Yap: There..from “Fat’s” house.
Elizabeth: Har??? “Fat’s” house? How come got “Fat’s” house one?

We burst out laughing after that.

Now let’s talk about her current obsession. If you read my previous posting, you would know that she just had her annual concert. Recently, I purchased the DVD of her annual concert from her kindy. Thanks to Yap who forgot to borrow his brother’s videocam, I had to resort to my digital camera which gave a very poor quality video as a result. That’s why I had to purchase the DVD in the end. So now, her latest obsession is watching her annual concert DVD. She can even ask to switch on several times a day. I think I can even memorise some of the dance steps already.

Not forgetting her second obsession is her Little Einstein DVDs. She has to watch them practically everyday while she drinks her milk before bedtime. And I’ll be putting Joseph to bed while she’s doing that. That theme song is already embedded in my head. “We’re going on a trip in our favourite rocket ship, zooming through the sky Little Einstein.” Ok, I better stop.

Oh yes, she still loves reading though. She will read her school books and also the books at home nearly everyday. And I must read to her a book everyday before bedtime. She likes a routine.
So this is my adorable daughter who makes sure she waves goodbye to me whenever I send her off to kindy and makes sure I wave back otherwise she will burst to tears. And this is my sweetie girl who also makes sure she says her goodnights and I-love-yous to me before she close her eyes to sleep at night. Yes, she will make sure I say back and it must be “I love you too” and not just “I love you”. She made it clear that I must add that word otherwise an agitated little monster will make its appearance. That’s my weird little kiddo. :)


  1. puhleeze! show me the dance steps the next time we meet ya! You can do a mother-daughter dance together with Eli for my viewing pleasure heheh

  2. hahaha. she's quite shy. never practice in front of me at all before the concert. I don't even know the dance step until the day of the concert. but if u want me to show you the dance steps next time. I think I can show you lar. It's easy.



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