Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cheeky Little Boy

Joseph is already 16 months old. So far this cheeky little boy has never failed to provide joy and laughter in our lives. Here are some fun facts about him:

1. He is very attached to me. When I shower in the mornings before going to work, sometimes he would be woken up. He will be like so devastated and cry from the start until I finished showering from his cot. If he woke up before I enter the bathroom, then I have to leave the door open to let him see me showering otherwise he will be even angrier. I can’t help but to laugh sometimes to see him crying like that. He’s getting better now. Sometimes he doesn’t cry until I finished showering.

2. During the weekends, sometimes we would just sleep in a little longer. This cheeky boy would sometimes wake up earlier and so in order to get attention he will throw his pacifier or pillow at me from his cot to wake me up. Ouch! If it’s the pacifier.

3. He likes to be naked. If you are a little slow in changing his clothes, then he’ll run away from you naked. Oh ya, he also thinks that once we take off his clothes, it is bath time because he’ll be waiting for me in front of the bathroom.

4. He will bounce his body up and down and bopping himself when he hears music.

5. He wants a share also when someone is eating or dining. If we are dining outside, he will scream his lungs out to demand for another bite. I just hope we won’t be thrown out at any eatery one day.

Creating a masterpiece on the paper and also the table!

6. When the babysitter carries him or when I carry him too, he will run his hand on our you-know-what and pinch it. Don’t worry, we are trying hard to cut this bad habit of his.

7. He understands our conversations more and more each day. So the more you say no to him, the more he will do it followed by a cheeky laugh.

Now I’m only waiting for the day when he will call me Mommy. Please be soon, Cheeky (his nick). Mommy can hardly wait.

Gasp! Flasher!

Look at my handsome boy

They don't call me cool for nothing! Rowdy boy.

Tai ko


  1. When was his haircut? So is he with or without hair now? Haha, I was so tickled with your description on how cheeky he is but enjoy his attachment on you while it lasts :)

  2. haha. his haircut was during the trip back to Malacca. So he is with less hair now.

  3. I like seeing him naked

    1. yes for sure, don't cover his c-ck naked kids are gorgeous

  4. I wanted to see his penis



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