Monday, November 22, 2010


Over the past weekend, we went back to Malacca. Yesterday, we went for Sunday mass at St. Francis Church. It was quite crowded that we had to split and so Elizabeth sat with her cousin brothers and grandparents.

My mom told me after the mass that Elizabeth asked her many questions until she was dumbfounded. My mom doesn't know how to answer some of her questions. Part of the conversation went like these..

Elizabeth: Mama, this one is church ah?
Grandma: Yes.
Elizabeth: Why this one is church one?
Grandma: ...
Elizabeth: Why we come to church?
Grandma: To pray.
Elizabeth: Pray what?
Grandma: ...pray to God.
Elizabeth: Why we pray to God?
Grandma: To say thank you to God and ask Him to take care of us. Take care of Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Oh. After church we go where?
Grandma: After church we go for lunch.
Elizabeth: After lunch we go where?
Grandma: After lunch we go to shopping centre.
Elizabeth: Which shopping centre?
Grandma: Tesco.
Elizabeth: After Tesco we go where?
Grandma: After Tesco we go home.
Elizabeth: Oh.

My mom was already panting. LOL. Ok I exaggerate. Wah luckily I had a break from answering her questions. Thank God for my mom.

On the way back to Malacca
Deliberately don't want to look at the camera

Yesterday was a very hot night and I decided to switch on the air-cond but Eliza was not in the know. I switched it on after Joseph fell asleep. Eliza didn't know because she was sleeping in her room. As usual, nearly every night she will pay a nightly visit to me. But last night, she didn't even wake me and all of a sudden when I turned to my left, I was (Erhh??) surprised to see her lying beside me. I guess the air-cond made me slept so soundly. She must've crept up my bed without me knowing. Come morning and I threw her some questions.

Me:When did you come and sleep on my bed?
Eliza: (No answer)
Me:Why did you come and sleep on my bed last night?
Eliza: Because I like air-cond la, you don't know meh?

Hmph! Air-cond lover.

My nephew - the kids magnet

Look at the littlest tai kor


  1. u must keep the blog n let them read it in future! they will find out what funny things they've done previously! what a caring mother! hahaha

  2. That is the reason why this blog was created, dear. :P It's like a diary.

  3. Oii..and what's with the Handsome Kevin Foo? Now Handsome becomes your first name, Kevin is your middle name and Foo is the last name is it? Very ang moh ah u. Don't be so perasan la..:P

  4. yea! U got it right! Handsome is the first name. Carol...line...LOL

    Remember the guy fr DiGi pronounced it ....line...hahahaha



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