Monday, November 29, 2010

The Cousins Get-together

During the weekend, the cousins were reunited after a long break due to our busy lives. They withdrawn from each other at first but the next day they were playing and shouting already.

My husband’s side of his family came for a visit over the weekend. We went to Bangsar Shopping Centre’s The Ming Room restaurant because my hubby wanted his parents to try their Peking duck. Bangsar Shopping Centre was nicely decorated with Christmas decorations and Eliza got excited exclaiming, “Wah, mummy why got so many bling bling?”

The next day we had dim sum for lunch and after that they all hang-out at my place until dinner time where my mother in-law cooked up a storm for us.

So that’s when my house become topsy turvy. Haha. But it’s nice to have the family gathered once in a while. A merry feeling, you get. Those two little ones didn’t even have their 40 winks that day. With the youngest one putting a fight when he was dragged to his cot. So we gave up in the end.

I would’ve taken more picture if not for my being unwell. I had fever during the weekend too but still went out with my in-laws.

Making monkey face after swallowing the papaya

All enjoying the papaya

Another bite for the little one

Elizabeth enjoying herself

Kasie, finally you have your wish: to see Joseph in his towel just like Eliza last time;)

Opps! Can't hold too long already.


  1. Wah! Julius Caesar! Haha, yes thank you for making my dreams come true. Don't play play..ada lurah punya..phewitt!!

  2. Eh..Julius Caesar is one shoulder strap lar. hahaha. I was thinking must quickly take the photo for you to see before it's too late. haha. He went around parading his new 'costume'.



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