Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Loved ones

Everyone has their own loved ones. For me, my parents, daughter, husband, "sunsetrose", "small packages", sister and nephews are my loved ones. I know for sure because they are always in my prayers.

Mom's birthday just passed not too long ago on the April 6th. And it makes me ponder over some things. I loved my parents very much and I'm sometimes afraid to think what would happen if I were to lose them one day. I don't know how I will take it or how I would live without them. Even though we say we love our parents a lot but still sometimes unintentionally we hurt them. I'm sure most of you will agree right?

That's a picture of my beloved parents with nephews and lil' dahling. I'm proud of my parents. My dad is a cancer patient. At first dad was frustrated but I think this experience has made him stronger. He has begun to accept it. Things improved since last year but recently during his recent checkup, the doctor told that he found some nodules at his pelvic area. However, he was told to come back for another scan this September to see whether the nodule will increase in size. Please don't let the nightmare begin. Mom just told me over the phone just now that she couldn't sleep last night.

Loved ones. Very dear people in our lives. They were the ones who take care of us. They support us and encourage us. They bring us laughter and happiness. Sometimes they even annoy us and make us angry (my nephews!) They complete us. Many times we often take our loved ones for granted because of our busy life. We should always remind ourselves to appreciate our loved ones. It's not hard. Just spend a few minutes with them or if they are across the miles, there's always the internet or telephone.

Thank you to all my loved ones who stayed to me through thick and thin. Making me feel so blessed and special. You complete me.

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  1. What a touching post! I'm sure that you are as dear to them as they are dear to you. There are no guarantees in life. Very often, on the way to work, there are accidents along the road. I guess what we can do is just to cherish them while we have them and tell them that we love them whether in words or actions. :)



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