Monday, April 28, 2008

Life is like a box of chocolate

Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get. This phrase sounds cute. But when you think deeper into the meaning it can be kinda scary. Scary thoughts can creep into the mind for the pessimistic. There will be many what if's.

Lil' dahling got sick last Thursday (24/4/2008). She caught a bad flu and also fever. She is feeling much better now. We all complain how difficult to take care of a sick child. Heck we have to put up with her crankiness. Wasted food and milk because she didn't have the appetite. Be as patient as can be with her non-stop crying. Actually this is nothing compared to the sufferrings some mothers have to go through.

I went to visit a colleague last friday at the National Heart Institute. Her 3 month old daughter was admitted for several complications. It was really heartbreaking to see her tiny baby so wrinkled and crying without a sound. Her baby was born with some disabilities. At first it was hernia although this disease occurs usually in male. Then her baby has cleft palate. Along with narrow arteries. She can't breathe well and it makes her stomach caved in. Just imagine a tiny baby having to go through several surgeries. Not only the baby suffers but the mother too. I couldn't help but cry. Just being in the hospital ward for a few hours and I already witness several other babies with their own cases. Babies screaming and crying in pain. It was really depressing and heart wrenching.

Whenever I look at lil' dahling, I really thank the Lord for giving me a normal and healthy baby. Every once in a while, we compare our baby's milestone with other babies. We can't help it. We are only human and I'm a paranoid mom. I guess my husband's advice to stop stressing myself out and the baby but just be grateful with a healthy baby rings true. We may never know what the future holds but we can only hope to get the best flavoured chocolates not only for ourselves but for everyone on this planet we call earth.

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  1. What a profound reflection! I think we just have to thank God everyday for what we have because our discontentment starts when we compare with other people. But to me, you are still a good mum!



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