Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lovin' it

I just got back to work today. Recently, my babysitter went for holiday to HK for a week. Which leaves me to take care of lil' dahling myself. The first half of the week, I had my parents over to help me take care of her. Then for the second half of the week, I had the golden opportunity to be with her 24/7. Opps at least without the seven.

The times spent with her was enjoyable. And I was thinking, hey, I can live with this! It was fun imagining me being a housewive. lol. But as the standard of living is high and we just can't live on my husband's salary only, being a housewive is out of the question. Besides, who knows I will be bored one day staying at home most of the time! I guess everything has its pros and cons.

In actual fact, I am thrilled to spend more time with my lil' dahling. Seeing her smile when she wakes up. Feeding her. Singing to her. Dance with her. Read to her. Play with her. Watching tv together. Bathe for her. Take her for walks. Bearing with her and coaxing her through her cranky moments. Also discovering more and more things about her, delights me even more.

I hope you all won't think, here goes another typical first-time-mum bragging about what her daughter can do. I'm just a proud mum although her milestones can be normal or even slower than what other babies can do. Anyway, this blog is like my diary to type out the events in my life. So if you start rolling your eyes, you may choose to leave this blog. lol.

Eliza can be a darling. Nowadays, when I want to cook dinner, I don't have to strap her in her feeding chair so that she won't move around and let her watch her favourite Baby Einstein vcd. So what do I do is I just put her on the sofa and she won't budge. Now I can cook in peace. Lil' dahling is very loving. She loves to kiss all her soft toys and knows how to call one of them "pooh pooh". It's a Winnie the Pooh soft toy. Lately, she has learnt how to kiss her own parents finally! Thanks to her papa who never gave up teaching her. I've discovered also that she's beginning to understand what we are saying more and more. When she sees us dressed up, she'll know how to pull her stool out n give her shoes to us. We can't help laughing when she does that. Whenever I'm on the phone, she wants my attention and would keep saying "hello? hello?" But when I put my mobile to her ear she stopped saying and just concentrate on listening. The little tike. When I feed her and her bowl is almost empty, I will usually say, "finish, no more". She would then make a hand gesture by twisting her palm to indicate "no more". Isn't she cute? Her pronunciation is still not clear and she doesn't know many words. I just can't wait to have a conversation with her. Wonder when will that happen.

It's going to be the weekend again and I can't wait to be with her. I hope she enjoys being with me too..:)


  1. I'm sure she loves being with her beloved mum. You are indeed a really dedicated mother. Hats off to you!

  2. I'm not the best la. But I'm trying my best. Haha!

  3. Hei! it's the best you can give! and that's the best thing you can do for her..;) You're a great mommy dahling!!

  4. thanks dahling! don't give me too much credit la.

  5. Aiyah ah this girl, can't take the compliment! Need to send psychic sepak to you!! lol



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