Friday, April 4, 2008

American Idol

Yesterday I watched American Idol. So I thought I'd just share some thoughts. This season, I don't really have a favourite. One time I liked David Archuleta but then he got boring. But yesterday he sang a ballad again and I think he can sing ballads well. Maybe he was born to be a crooner..haha.

Last week, David Cook really impressed me with his rendition of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. This week, it was ok only. He looked sick though which he really was. According to entertainment news, he was hospitalized after that.

Oh let me tell you, who I would love to see leave American Idol this week. I can't stand the sight of that braided long haired boy. Don't even want to remember his name. I think it's Jason. His voice is not even powerful. Just because some crazy girls think he's cute, a John Travolta lookalike?? You see his confident face every week. Eeeee. For me, he's not fit to be American Idol and he doesn't melt my heart.

DRAT!!! I just surfed and that sickening Jason Castro(now i know his name!) didn't get booted off! Why oh why? Are the voters deaf?? Ramiele Malubay got voted off. She's not my fav but then I thought it's too early to see her go. However, her performance yesterday was pitchy. Oh no, I have to see Jason Castro for another week. Sigh.

That's it. My mood's spoilt.


  1. The dread lock singer!! That's what they call it, his hair style! They rarely cuci their rambut you know!! *shudders*. I saw snippets of the show on Entertainment Tonight I think, or somewhere! She looks very pendek oh! compared to that tall kwai lo she was standing next to!! lol *sigh* We the vertically challenged people always seem to get the crappy end of the stick!! lol

  2. Dread lock huh? Yeah I dread him and i'll lock his mouth. lol. She is pendek! ryan seacrest the host is already short some more! I think u're even taller than her la. come on! you're not that short.

  3. Well, i don't think I'm that short *dream* lol But here in the tall people land! *sigh* I am! *cry*

  4. Seems like you have to endure Jason Castro for another week since they voted the Aussie guy off last week. Poor have my sympathies.



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