Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A day of fun for lil' dahling

Last Saturday, lil' dahling and parents were invited to a birthday party. The party's venue was in Great Eastern Mall, Kiz Sports and Gym. Party time was 5.30PM as stated in the invitation card. But as first-time parents, we always use our child's name as an excuse for being late. Hey it's quite true ok? We have to bathe her, change her, make sure there's enough diapers, fill up the flask, fill up the water bottle, make sure we bring the feeding bottle, make sure there's milk, extra clothes and bla bla bla. My husband always joke that we are moving house again.

So we were already late and to make matters worse we have to go through traffic jam. But it was worth it. It was quite an experience because it's the first time we went to a party in those kids playzone. We had to flash our invitation card at the check-in counter. Left the presents there and Eliza was given a sticker with her name on it to stick on her clothes like a name tag. Ok so we went through the gate and we had to look for the room. Some children were already playing at the playzone before the party started. Parents were gobbling up food, me included.:D Food was not quite enough. Only two choices of nasi lemak and spaghetti bolognese. I took a big plate of nasi lemak for my husband but he whispered to me that he was not full enough. Tsk tsk tsk! Lil' dahling was walking around without a care in the world. Curiously looking here and there.

The party started with games and I haven't even finish my food. Well, served me right for coming late right? The kids went to the playzone area first for half an hour. So while waiting for us to eat, I placed lil' dahling at the children's table to amuse her with the empty plates, fork and knife. Then the second games session started in the ballet room. Again the games are not suitable for lil' dahling yet. She didn't care at all. Walked here and there in the room as if it's her party. I was afraid the other kids would bump into her. Then it was the cake cutting session. This time the plates weren't empty. Oh no, Eliza tasted her first french fries already! I've got no choice! Thought I would only introduce it to her when she goes to secondary school. I know even my husband said I'm out of my mind. Anyway, she seemed to enjoy it. Boo hoo hoo. Holding two fries in each hand.

The cake cutting session was quite interesting because they had a mascot. The mascot in a form of monkey named Panzee came in much to the delight of the children. Each child got a party favour and everyone including adults got a taste of the birthday cake. After all the excitement, the party ended and I can see on every child's face that they had so much fun that day. For Eliza, it was only the beginning because I think the highlight for her was when she played in the playzone after the party. She was a bit hesitant at first because after all it was her first time. She played at the "baby gym" area and the "pool of balls" area. Of all the multi coloured balls only the silver ball caught her eye. And I told my husband that our daughter has high taste even at this tender age. Haha. It is evident that she enjoyed herself because everytime when we were on the way out of the playzone she would be missing and we would find her back in the "pool of balls" area. I had to practically drag her out of that place. It was indeed a day of fun for lil' dahling and parents as well. Seeing her happy has made us happy and thankful that we were invited to the party. My husband even reminded me to thank my friend for inviting us. To end this post, here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure ;)


  1. Thanks for posting so many beautiful pictures of lil'dahling. I'm so happy to hear that she enjoyed herself and you enjoyed seeing her enjoy herself, haha.

  2. Tasting fries only when she's in Secondary school?? lol When was the first time you ate a french fry?? lol

    Well I'm glad all of you enjoyed yourselves! Lil Dahling looks hip! lol The bin full of balls looks like fun!

  3. You're welcome sunsetrose! There'll be more in shutterfly coming soon.

    zie leff,yeah I know I'm crazy. But fries is suppose to be bad for health right? I can't remember when was the first time I tried fries. Probably in Form 1? lol. I've been hooked ever since then. I'm a potato fan! Lil' Dahling looks hip, thanks to u! The whole attire is from you ok? How can u forget?



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