Monday, August 6, 2012

Hari Raya Deco in Mid Valley Megamall and Suria KLCC

Hari Raya is just around the corner and like all festive seasons it gives all the malls especially in the Klang Valley a reason to deck their malls. It is a way to drive more traffic to the malls and give a festive feeling in the air. It will get the shoppers more excited especially if you're the one celebrating that particular festive celebration.

Since I frequent Mid Valley Megamall and Suria KLCC, I did not want to miss out on their decorations. I was pretty disappointed with what Mid Valley has to offer this year. I get it that they want to create a bazaar atmosphere but it seems to me that they didn't put much effort to their decoration. There's nothing to shout about and it's just like any other bazaar. I'm sure they can do better than that. What was even more disappointing was they didn't even bother to decorate the east and west wing of the mall. The Centre Court was already a disappointment. I don't know whether is it because they want to cut down their budget or they just want to gain more spendings from the shoppers with their overcrowded stalls at the Centre Court.

This is the Centre Court where usually the grandest deco will be. But this is just disappointing.

Another angle of the bazaar at Centre Court.

And another angle again.

At one corner of the Centre Court, there were some on-going activities. I think the participants were weaving some ketupats. I wouldn't notice this if I hadn't walked the whole circle of the Centre Court.

At least the decorations in Suria KLCC were better than Mid Valley Megamall. I can't remember what they did for last year but this year was quite a big Malay kampung house all decked up. It gives quite a kampung feeling when you look at it. I'm sure our Malay friends will reminisce back to their balik kampung days when they were young. It was not the greatest but at least more effort in their decorations. The kampung house also served as a stage for some performances to entertain the crowd. The Malay traditional songs and music definitely makes you feel the Hari Raya vibe.

This is Suria KLCC's effort. Sorry for the blurry photo because I was using my camera phone. ;)


  1. You and I can make a good team. You cover KL I cover PJ! Lol! Mid Valley macam quite disappointing nih..

  2. Hahahah...cannnn. I know you won't come to this part of town so I cover lor..hehehe.

  3. The biggest disappointment. Midvalley shd change their A&P manager... New blood needed.



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