Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Boy

Recently we celebrated my father in-law's birthday. We went hunting for a birthday present for him before we went back to Seremban, my hubby's hometown. So my hubby asked Joseph what he would like to give 'gong gong' for his birthday. The little tike said, "Angry bird...cake". We all laughed. He remembered he got an Angry bird cake for his birthday and I blogged about it here before. So that's what he wanted to get for his 'gong gong'. But in the end, we had my mother in-law's home baked cake and Joseph blew the candle first before the birthday man could even blow. 

He's quite a talkative boy and likes to join in our conversation. Like when Elizabeth is having a conversation with me he will add in a "mm..yes!" at every pause during the conversation.

He likes to compete with his sister and he will say, "Yay! I win! Awesome! Party day!" Must've learnt all these from the TV. Tsk tsk!

He can count from 1 to 20 sometimes until nearly 30. He likes singing songs. His current favourites now are the ABC song and "One, two pa pa shoe" (One, two buckle my shoe). He mispronounced it. LOL.

On days when he refused to sleep at once during bedtime, he'll tap me and say, "Mummy, I to you." Then he'll go on telling me of something that happened that day. My awesome boy is a joker and never fails to bring laughter in our lives. I must treasure all these moments, his hugs and kisses to me before he grows up. Although I do hope he will be as affectionate as now next time. LOL.

Joseph is 3 years and 1 month old.

Look Ma! No mouth!

Joseph proudly presenting is idea of a robot.

Joseph's robot now with an eye.


  1. He is getting smarter and smarter each day.. nowadays kids absorb very fast unlike my time.. :)

  2. Sometimes, I really wish to be kid again. Innocent and simple minded.

    My nephew is now very talkative too. He talks like his parents and teachers. Sometimes even say us why we so stubborn =.="

  3. He has quite a cheeky look...actually...he has a cheeky smile to his face:D

  4. Your boy is so smart! I like the last photo. He looks so cute with his lil dimple on his cheek :).



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