Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Joseph is 3!

How time flies with each passing year and each birthday celebration of our children. It seemed like only yesterday I held Joseph for the first time in my arms and now he is 3 years old. We celebrated earlier during the weekend in Seremban as his birthday falls on Monday, 2nd of July. It was just dinner at a restaurant and then we cut cake at home. Angry birds is all the rage still this year huh? Because that's what I saw at the cake shop. Angry birds on nearly every cake. So I got Angry birds cake for Joseph. Haha.

Happy birthday boy grinning from ear to ear. Green is not my favourite colour but I'm left with no choice because the red angry bird was a female bird. LOL.

Joseph thrilled when we're all singing the birthday song to him.

Huff and puff!!

Gong gong helped to cut the cake. Angry children greedily digged out the Angry birds' eyes and beak. Soon even the whites of the eye and eyebrows were gone too. But it was such a scary sight so I didn't take picture of it. LOL.

The many faces of Joseph.
Dearie Joseph, I'm very proud to be your mummy. You bring joy and laughter to my life. And I'm so thrilled to walk through life together with you and of course your papa and jie jie too. May you have a wonderful life filled with sweetness and happiness. And I'll always be there with you every step of the way. Love you forever..xoxo..Mummy.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Joseph. The cake is cute.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Joseph. That's a very cute cake :)

  3. see Joseph quite paiseh when people sing birthday song to him, sweet smile. Happy Belated Birthday to Joseph.

  4. wow, amazing the cake all gone! Must be very delicous!! Happy Birthday Joseph!! :) By the way, if you're free this thurs or fri, StART's underprivileged children will be holding a concert at Civics Center.
    ok gotta ciao. Busy preperation days!

  5. wow the last picture looks like he finishes the whole cake :D

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  6. Happy Birthday Joseph! They do grow up so fast huh?

  7. Happy Birthday Joseph...Angry bird cake...hehheheh. I didnt know red is female.ahahahah

  8. What a dashing young man Joseph is growing up to be. Happy Birthday Joseph :)

  9. time flies :) and happy belated birthdae to him

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  10. Hi Carolyn, ok, now he's 3, can have another addition, maybe give him a brother, or a sister? Or best, twins....
    Ha ha ha.
    Have a great week. Great pics.

  11. Carolyn! I love your new blog color!! So pretty!
    Happy Birthday Joseph! Be a happy and good boy for Mommy and Daddy ya? :)



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