Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Girl

Here are two videos about my girl who loves to read.

Things you might want to know about my girl...

1. She loves to read. I'm proud of this and hope she continues her love for reading until she grows old. :D

2. She doesn't like to go to school. Just today morning, she chose to stay at home versus going to school because her dad is not working today. Public holiday for those working in Selangor. What a bummer for me..sigh.

3. She is a small eater. Very picky with her food. To the point that sometimes I feel so stressful and feel like forcing all the food down her throat. :p

4. She likes to ask many questions in a day. Mind boggling ones sometimes too. Everyday is why why why. I might consider to set a rule to 10 questions per day. Kidding.

5. Her love of her life (besides me) is her little bolster. Everyday she will smell and kiss it even before she goes to school. She will come home looking for it. Her bolster have to be placed on the sofa each day before she leaves for school. There was once she can't remember whether she put it on the sofa or not and made me turn back and open the door for her again just for her to check. Her bolster case has to be the same one also. No replacement whatsoever. That's why her bolster case is fading already. LOL.

6. She loves to drink Yakult or Vitagen. Which kid doesn't?

7. She loves to eat cheese. The cheddar cheese slices kind. This one is like staple food for her.

8. She hates doing her Chinese subject homework. I think the many strokes of the Chinese character demotivates her.

9. She likes the colour pink. I wonder whether most girls do? Or maybe she just takes after me..:P

10. She loves her brother and is quite protective over her brother but still fights with him just like most siblings do.

11. She doesn't allow us to cut her hair short only the fringe. I'm still plotting to cut her long locks one fine day. It's getting too long already. That one fine day will come. I'm still plotting.

12. She can be very stubborn and only wants her way. Are all children like that?

13. Still cries when I drop her off at school. Not everyday but at least once a week. The trick that Santa will cut her name out of his list for Christmas presents because she always cry doesn't seem to work. I need help.

14. She feels safe sleeping beside me. Last night she slept in her own room with her dad because she was coughing a lot. Halfway through the middle of the night, she came to lie beside me and fell fast asleep. Awww..

Wow! I didn't expect to come out quite a long list. It can go on but I think it's enough for now. Hope you enjoyed it.


  1. It's fantastic that she can read so well at this age, and loves it too! I'm still trying to get my boy to read but everytime, revert back to me - "Mommy please read to me, I can't read". He can very simple 3/4 letter words but he's too lazy to try - loves looking at pictures more. She still cries when you drop her off at school ah? That is heart wrenching for a mom.

  2. such a lovely list! I've never made one for my children..haha. but I think the lovely exercise helps to realise lots of things bout our children (things we sometimes take for granted.) Once your child loves reading she'll probably love it all the way..unless school homework takes too much time.

  3. I love reading too and hope Ben will pick this habit from me. It's good that Elizabeth starts young!

  4. Germaine: considered well ah? I realised boys are slightly different. If it wasn't for his sister, my boy wouldn't be interested in books. At least now he listens to me when I read to him but his attention span is shorter. Yeah, she does. I don't know what's wrong lar. I've tried asking the teachers and asking her. I guess in the end, she just have to deal with it lar. I can't go on changing and changing school just because she cries right?

    martha: yeah, we sometimes take them for granted. Maybe you can start a list now too? I'm glad to hear that she'll love reading all the way..:)

    Jenny: I start them from young. I think about 6 months old, I started reading to Elizabeth. I started a little later for Joseph. Maybe that's why he's not so hooked on like his sister.

  5. She is absolutely adorable Carolyn!!! My son Ishaan has just learned to read. Hes just like her. Its been a pretty long time since I dropped by, thought of reading your latest posts and dropped by.U've made a beautiful list,many of us can relate to it.Makes me wonder how can people decide not to have kids! Yes there are quite a few who do not wish to go thru all the trouble.Have a nice day!

  6. We have to thanks to our working place, so near to National Library, borrow books with no cost.

    About the bolster, my son like his pillow too, he likes to hold the corner of the pillow, he called it "sharp sharp pillow" (in mandarin), he name the corner as sharp sharp, hahaha.
    About bolster have to be placed on the sofa, you make me think of Garfield. hahaha

    About hate Chinese subject. Recently i create a new method to make him love chinese character(read only), I used Flash Card, the one he knows how to read, i gave him the card, the one he don't know i take the card, at last, see who has most card, who win, so he will tried to remember every words.

  7. Hi Shreeja,

    It's good to have you back again. Thanks for your compliments. :)

    I'm so relieved that you said u can relate to my list. so I know i'm not alone. :) you have a nice day too!

  8. Kok Ling,

    Yeah thanks to National Library. Haha..yeah u told me about the "chien chien" pillow.

    I'm not so worried about reading chinese but more of her writing chinese. but thanks for your tips. u r really a mother with full of ideas.



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