Friday, August 19, 2011

Life's Little Surprises

Kids can surprise you when you least expected it. I went to pick my children up from the babysitter yesterday after work. I had this conversation with my babysitter..

Babysitter: You're coming back late from work tomorrow right?

Me: Yeah. Eh, how did you know?

Babysitter: Elizabeth told me.

Me: Eh, but I didn't tell her.

Babysitter: She told me that you will come back late from work tomorrow. Her father will pick her up instead. She said you got buka puasa.

Me: LOL. Yeah that's true but I was planning to tell you now. I never told her. She must've eavesdrop on my conversation with my husband.

Way to go my little messenger. All this while I thought she was just busy reading, playing toys or in her own world. I never knew she was eavesdropping. She surprised me. What's even more surprising was she said buka puasa. LOL. Lets all hope she won't be delivering my darkest secret to my babysitter one day!

I had another little surprise yesterday too that I had to get it on video..(turn on the volume louder, Joseph's voice sounds like a mouse when he knows he's being recorded, must be shy)

I've never taught him the numbers 1 to 10 actually. Only if you count numbers 2, 8 and 9 because those are the levels we frequent at the place we stay. I'm really not sure where he picked up from because my babysitter said she never really taught him too. Or maybe he paid attention when I read the book to him. And I thought he didn't. LOL. So it's again another surprise for me. It looks like my little dahling here is interested in numbers. :)

Can't wait for the next surprise they're going to give me..;)


  1. Wah your boy very clever!!
    Haha, now I better be careful with what I tell my hubby - thanks for the warning. :)

  2. Ehem, if you don't want your kids to eavesdrop, then speak in other language la... also helps them learn new language :P

  3. adorable voice of a toddler..I miss my children's toddler days. So nice to be reminded. Enjoy them to the max Carolyn. As for your girl..haha..girls have this tendency..they start young, eavaes dropping! haha :) be careful what you say! hehe :)

  4. we have to be very careful with wat we say in front of da kids, foul language is a definate NO NO..

  5. You have got not one but 2 smart cookies!^^

  6. Oh kids are very intelligent. They watched what their parents do and the emulate. We have to be very careful how we behave or what we say when our kids around:D Your son is a very smart boy, he picks up knowledge quickly. You are very blessed. Lots of surprises yet to come from your little prince and princess. Treasure it for they just grow too fast.

  7. Germaine: No problem. I'm sure your kiddos are clever too.

    Jenny: I spoke in other language mar. She doesn't understand what buka puasa means but she just now say the word.hehe

    martha: Hmm..girls are like that huh? Don't tell me your girls still eavesdrop. LOL.

    Merryn: Yup no foul language for me too

    Alice: your two cookies are very smart too!:)

    Quay Po Cooks: Monkey see monkey do right? Thanks for the compliments. And yes, I do agree they grow up too fast!



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