Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tickling The Ivories

It has been 8 months since Elizabeth learnt playing the piano. She is taking Junior Music Course in Yamaha Music School. She wasn't doing very well during the first 5 months. She was left behind in her class because of lack of practise because we didn't have a piano to practise on. It was only during the 6th month we finally moved my piano up to KL that she started practising more.

She's no genius and still sometimes have difficulty reading music notes but I'm still very proud with her accomplishments. It's not an easy feat to get where she is now. Tempers flared, tears were shed but finally we got through. Hopefully she won't give up and learn to love music more.

Here are two videos of my lil' dahling tickling the ivories.


  1. At least you have got a piano for her to practise, we still haven't got ours at home. My girls stll play with their toy piano. By the way, both my girls have just started their piano lesson.

  2. Very good! I very geram with my boy also sometimes he can't grasp the simple things. I have to tell myself sabar-sabar. I hope I have more patience to see him through to becoming a great musician one day.

  3. So sweet of your lil dahling! I can;t wait for my boy to learn piano... my girl has no interest at all!^^

  4. hooray that she's managed the piece now. Every little achievement counts. Way to go! :)

  5. Sheoh Yan: It's quite difficult without the piano right? I don't have toy piano. I have a neighbour who used to practise on her toy piano also for quite long and still managed to get good results in her piano exams!

    Germaine: I've already replied in your blog..:P

    Alice: Your boy showed interest already? The girl has no interest that is because she's so interested in baking! hehehe.

    Martha: You really think so? Thanks Martha. I'm quite relieved.

  6. Oh wow... Ben loves music and dancing but I'm not sure when I'll get him to seriously play piano like this :P

    Just the other day I heard my hubby complaining to his brother of how he was forced to learn piano at a very young age when he was actually interested in playing guitar. He totally dreaded the piano lessons and was given guilt trips whenever he mentioned of quitting. Poor hubby,....

  7. Jenny: It's really up to you. For me, I just gave it a try for Elizabeth since I also know how to play the piano. So far, she's ok with it.

    Your poor hubby, his brother was not forced to learn piano also?



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