Friday, April 1, 2011

Syok Sendiri

This post is really syok sendiri punya. I mention from previous post that I went for a company's retreat right? So during the retreat, one of my colleague who is a pro in photography and also equipped with a canggih camera agreed to take pictures for my colleague and I by the sea. This opportunity is hard to come by so we thought why not? Since we missed the sunset the day before, we decided to take photos during sunrise. So we woke up at 6AM and by 6.30AM we were already posing by the sea. LOL. It was a fun experience. I didn't want to publish it but since my friends requested, here goes...

I really hope you will enjoy the photos. I welcome any comments lah, good and bad ok?

This picture was actually taken from a distance. But still can see my skin flaws. Haha.

My colleague, Liew Kok Ling and I.

The rocks were sharp and slippery but I still have to act poise.

Trying to be demure.

Sorry lah, more or less the same pose. I'm not good at posing. I tried to copy my colleague's posings.

Now with the funny looking tree.

Again on the rocks. Luckily I didn't stain my pants from sitting on those rocks.

Elbow so painful and body also after this shot. :P

Ouch! The rocks poke my arms.

Hey is that white hair? Darn!

Close up. Maybe I need to touch up the photos.

Silhoutte effect. Nice?

I look so tiny.


  1. dun paiseh la, i already post mine.
    yours is beautiful. Farhan said your make up is nice, i should learn from you.

  2. Dun paishe la, i have already post mine, wait for yours only.
    Your photos are beautiful, Farhan said your makeup is nice, i should learn from you.

  3. huwah huwah huwah....phewitt!!! chook chook (sucking sound)..leng lui clever to berposing some more..nice lerr..but the silhouette wan hor, u look like u scratching ur leg hehe..and please don't be scared lar ok? Your double eyelids are still not to worry about aging k?

  4. You look gorgeous lah. Cantik sekali!

  5. nice photo...nice smile...and nice 'lesong pipit'...will there an opportunity to shoot like this again...hehehe

  6. very nice portrait shots & i guess they were taken using natural lighting (the sunrise light).

    nice silhouette effect for a change, too

  7. Thanks engineur. Yes, it was sunrise because we couldn't wait for sunset. :)

    Yeah, we wanted that silhouette effect and so the photographer abide to our request. :)



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