Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Latest obsession?

My little girl's latest obsession is..(drumroll) Madagascar. Yes, Madagascar the computer-animated movie. She has recently taken a liking to the movie and has been watching it so often that she is able to anticipate the next scene and I already can anticipate which funny scene will send her in a fit of laughter. Does this mean she will forget her other obsession with Little Einstein? Apparently no, because she still requested to watch it yesterday and I thought I would have to say goodbye to Little Einstein forever. ;)

By the way, in another unrelated incident, my daughter has her own room already and started sleeping in it a few months before my son was born. She has to give up her cot and make way for her brother. However, it wasn't a peaceful sleep for me because I have to endure her nightly visits and accompany her back to sleep. Some nights I just let her co-sleep with us because I'm too tired to argue with her or entertain her nightly visits. It can get a little crampy with our queen-sized bed, you know? Then recently for a few nights she has been sleeping through the night! Undisturbed sleep! I was so happy and excited at the same time that I didn't want to comment about it to my husband or even praise her for it. I was afraid to jinx it. Then yesterday I couldn't contain it anymore and told about it to my colleague. Thinking it should be safe since my daughter is not within earshot. Then just like magic she paid me a nightly visit at 4 AM this morning. Mumble..mumble..I shouldn't have told ANYONE at all. How ironic isn't it?

The look of concentration!

Meet Marty and Alex, Elizabeth's new best friends..hehe.
 A video to showcase her obsession..enjoy!


  1. Wow, my girl too was once obsessed with Madagascar! Your girl has very detail memory for the CG huh? CLAP CLAP!!

  2. Btw, your boy is super cute!^^ Like to see how he pushed his Jie Jie's tricycle!

  3. Hi Alice,

    Then my girl and your girl can become good friends. hehe.

    My boy is very kepo! He likes to push his sister in the tricycle here and there even in the house!

    Thanks for the compliments!

  4. Ethan loves Madagascar too to the extend of him biting his daddy's butt! "Excuse ME, you are biting my BUTT!" guess where he learns that from? @_@

  5. Merryn,

    LOL. He even acts out the scene? He's even a bigger fan! Ethan can become Elizabeth's good friend too. hehe.

  6. I think every kid goes through that. When I visit my nieces and nephew and they ask me to watch their favourite movie, I don't need to do anything coz they will tell me the whole story and they know the exact timing what is i think elizabeth is going through it..good news: it's normal..bad news: it will take a few years for her to grow out of it..probably until she is a teenager..u remember how many times we watched beauty and the beast? :P

  7. Christine has so many favourites.. I think I let her watch too much movies for her age :( But I think her all time fav is Spirit: Stallion of the cimarron.. Gosh that was her fav I must say as she literally asked to watch that over and over again and still loves it! She's so crazy over horses after watching that movie and is now kept asking us to buy her a horse! So we told her to save money and she did, every pennies she receive from her dad she will put it in her own piggy bank :) Good for her but not on us as we know that we will never be able to get her a horse, where to place the horse lar.. unless we hv acres of land LOL!

  8. Alison: Haha. I've never heard of that cartoon. Maybe it's not so popular in M'sia? But you better start limit her time watching tv. Otherwise she becomes a tv addict. LOL. Maybe you have to start explaining to Christine that it's impossible to get a real horse and tell her you will get her a toy horse from toys r us. hehe. there's a toy horse with just the head and stick so she could gallop on it. :)



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