Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sporty Saturday

Last Saturday, we went for Elizabeth's kindy's sports day. She was super excited and asked a couple of times whether "parents can go or not?" I have to assure her many times that we are going along except her little brother. At least that morning she didn't make a fuss like most mornings. It's quite hard to wake her up for school and this little grouch always got me dragging her away from the bed.

Her sports day was held at a secondary school in Sri Petaling. The activities were carried out in the school hall which I felt was too small. It felt so crowded with the children and parents that it makes the event quite disorganised. But thank goodness it was held indoors for it was a rainy day that Saturday. There were short performances by the children before the games began. The games were simple ones and there are no winners or losers. Well, they're just preschoolers right? It's all in the name of fun and play.

Elizabeth enjoyed herself and was happy that we were there to participate with her. I think the best part for her was when all the children took turns to receive their trophy and bag of goodies.

The gathering of the children. She is from En-Owens class.

She got her 'thinking cap' already.

Smile for me, baby!

All the children getting ready for their march.

Aiyoh this girl really likes to put her finger in her mouth! Does anyone notice that the girls are all wearing pink and white shoes?

Elizabeth posing with her card before the short performances. Is she going to be an animal doctor?

Yeah! I'm done with my performance. Let the games begin!

I'm don't know whether she's more happy to get the trophy or the goodies. LOL.

Sorry about the second video. I know you have to tilt your head.

I'm sure you've seen in my other post that we go to the Bukit Jalil park quite often and last Saturday was no exception too. So I'll just share some images. This time we took the tricycle along!

Happy to go to the park.

Even happier to go to the park!

What a sweet smile, Elizabeth.

Paying a visit to the fishes.

Joseph insist on pushing the tricycle, replacing Papa's job.

Cycling around the park.

A very hardworking worker at the back there. :P

Sweaty, tired but happy. On the way for dinner now.
For dinner, we went to this new shop. Chilli Pan Mee Restaurant has arrived to Sri Petaling! They have branches in many other places like Kota Damansara and Puchong too. Now we don't have to travel far for our chilli pan mee. Overall, a very satisfying sport Saturday!

This was what we ordered. 3 bowls of pan mee (accompanied by 3 bowls of soup) and a plate of choy sum. That's my bowl of chilli pan mee before I gaul my bowl. Must eat with the chilli then only syok.

Elizabeth specifically requested that red bean shake and that's my fresh ambra fruit with dried sour plum. But actually I can't even find the sour plum, just the seed.

Like expert only. Joseph shared a bowl of pan mee without the chilli with Elizabeth.


  1. Hahah, I like the 1st picture, that little girl curious and touching Elizabeth's ponytail.. Cute!

  2. Wow, gold medal!! You girl sure active in sport! Bukit Jalil park is one of our favourite hangout, pan mee my fave too, thanks for sharing!

  3. Alice: oh she's not active in sports. every child actually got the same trophy to encourage and praise them for their effort I guess. nobody's a loser or winner at this event. really? Bukit Jalil park is our favourite hangout too. must try to spot you one day. LOL.



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