Monday, April 25, 2011


I have a few questions to ask. Have you ever fed your child..


cup cake...

sweet biscuits...
or any other junk food? I mean I know it's quite normal to give it to a child but Joseph haven't even turn 2. So I would like to know are any of you guilty like I am? What do you think?


  1. Aiyo.. as long as your child is eating, nevermind la, unless you everyday feed them with junks then no good la... once in a while still OK... at least you're better than my MIL, gave Ben eat Twisties! Lucky thing we caught her on time!

  2. Just wanted to do a survey lar. whoa..but twisties I haven't tried that.

    But does that mean you don't give Ben any of that sort till now? :P

  3. Come to think of it Jenny, I did gave my son Cheezel. Now that's as bad as twisties right? shucks!

    mumsgather: at least i'm not alone but your son is so much older than mine right? He's like 7?

  4. Ehhhh... of what you hv mentioned, it were mostly my kids' snacks of the day leh! (I serve them tea at 3-4pm)(paiseh)>_<

    A little sugar is good to brighten the kids' day(my rational), lol! However I don't serve MSG, no fried stuff and no sweets!;p

  5. Carolyn,
    I should clarify. My girl is 9 and my boy is 7 but I started giving them from age 1. :P

  6. Alice: MSG..hmm. I don't but it might be in their food when we eat out. I do give my daughter fried stuff and sweets. But not yet for my son. LOL.

    mumsgather: what can I say..we're all guilty! hehe. It's hard to avoid sometimes..;)

  7. I think children will always be drawn to sweets..but I do know of a few who don't...but those who do far outweighs the numbers of those who don't and you are not a bad mum lar...what can you do if your child likes these food right? Just give in moderation..moderation is the key :)



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