Thursday, March 31, 2011


I attended a retreat recently organised by my company. The retreat was held in Ancasa All Suites Resort & Spa, Port Dickson. It's a brainstorming session cum retreat and I thought it wasn't going to be a real retreat since our brains will be having a storm (no pun intended). Turns out it was quite a retreat! We had more free and easy time compared to the previous group and I guess the food was the best part. LOL. We had 3 meals plus 2 tea-breaks a day. My food haven't got time to digest in my stomach and the next thing I know it's already time for tea-break. But I still ate and ate and ate. As a result, my office pants and skirts were tight when I put it on for work. Well, I deserve it for being a glutton. :P

The resort is a four star resort and it actually looks more like condominium from the outside. Even the rooms is like an apartment complete with a kitchen, a living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 balconies. The apartment was quite comfortable. We initially had problems with our room's air conditioner but it was fixed by the hotel's maintenance. With the spare time we had, we managed to stroll along the resort's compound and beach. It was pretty impressive. One of my colleague even managed to experience the resort's spa services. She went for the full body massage for RM 122. It's 30% discounted for hotel guests. The resort provides an array of activities for the hotel guests like water activities and also karaoke rooms. I only have one complain though is that their plates and utensils are not clean enough. I have to wipe a few times with tissue. Food is quite tasty though. 

The retreat gave me some 'me-time' but after nearly 2 days away from my family, it was good to be back because I missed my children and hubby just like how they missed me terribly too.

This is the children's pool.

This is the adult's swimming pool. Too bad I didn't get the chance to dip in it.

The resort's garden.

One of the gazebo. If you want to do an outdoor spa, I think you can do it at this gazebo. At least that's what the picture in their brochure shows us.

A pond near the gazebo with the hotel at the background. It looks like a condominium, right?
I like this part of the garden, so romantic!

Feel like I'm in Bali? Bali has a lot of this kind of architecture usually at the main entrance of a house.

Another pond with more Balinese architecture.

This place is called Teluk Kemang at Port Dickson.

On a sunny weather with the sky so blue!

Another shot at the seaside.

A banana boat which I did not ride..:D

By the poolside again because I can't resist not to take a picture on that bridge.

This is the living room. They should upgrade the TV don't you think?

The kitchen - surprisingly quite spacious.

The dining area.

My room, the master bedroom with bathroom attached.

The beds in the room.

The view of the swimming pool, taken from my apartment's balcony.

Couldn't see the sunset because it was cloudy.
The same shot the next day taken in the afternoon.

Zoomed closer because I spotted a yatch!

Zoomed even closer. There's the yatch! I've always wanted to go on a yatch.

The view of the garden from above. Look at the lush grenery.

Finally, it's not all play but also work. This was my team during the retreat.


  1. I like our group member, very sporting, seems the Dr also like us. hehehe.

  2. I like our group member, very sporting. it included 5 units/department of Bernama, very complete.

  3. Wah...I like the picture of you and the background is the blue blue postcard perfect. And yes, your apartment looks awesome! If only my apartment could look like that haha..and cheh wahhh..ada orang pandai berposing also eh? too bad u chose wrong career..i think you would have made a superb model :)

  4. Looks like a nice place.. except for the tv! aiks.. nobody uses that type of tv anymore! :D

  5. Kok Ling: I like our group members too. The Dr like us? Must be because of Saras and Darshini..:P

    Kasie: Yeah, I also like that picture. SS kan? If only my apartment could look like that also ler. Pandai berposing meh? Actually I copy my Kok Ling..hehe. Model your head la.

    Merryn:Ya man! But I found out that certain apartments already have the new LCD TV. Maybe they don't have enough budget to upgrade all yet. hehe.

  6. The place is gorgeous lah. It will be good to bring the family here. I'm sure your children would like it very much.

    Will plan a trip there someday. kekeke....

  7. Yes, Tracy. Little Tricia will be thrilled. hehe. Will bring my kids one day too. fingers crossed.



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