Monday, March 7, 2011

Back From The Dead

Scary or not this title? LOL. I was sick for the past few days that I really felt like dying. Just kidding. How could I possibly be willing to leave my family. I was down with diarrheoa, fever and vomitting. Anyway, I'm back and there are a few things that I'm grateful throughout the misery that has befallen unto me...

1. My husband was a darling. Helpful and all...

2. My daughter uttered "I Love You" many times to me. (But she also asked, "Mommy, why are you like that?" many times to me also everytime after I vomited or walked funny.)

3. My daughter was more complying while I was sick.

4. My son squealed in delight when he returned home and saw me lying on the sofa. He seemed to miss me so much and then he sat on my stomach to ride like a horse.

5. My son was also more complying and bade goodbye in the mornings without a fuss before he goes off to the babysitter.

So although I've suffered a fair share but did not lose weight from this harrowing experience :P , yes, I'm still thankful and grateful! Now, I've got to start clearing the mess around my house...

I've two 'Minnie Mouse' in my house..hehe.

1 comment:

  1. Whoa so poor thing! Glad to hear you're recovering now! And good to hear your children are more obedient at this phase!

    Btw, to answer your comment on my post about bible action songs, our Sunday classes at church are available for toddlers 18 months above. It's about 1.5 hrs each class, one of the parents can stay and be with the child while the other parent can go and listen to the service during then. So hubby and I take turns to bring Ben to the class.



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