Monday, February 28, 2011

Sex Education?

Joseph usually poop in his diapers. He was trained to poop in the potty before but as he grow older he preferred the diapers. Haha. Funny boy. A few days ago, while i was putting on a diaper for him, I said aloud to my hubby that his skin around his genitals was slightly red. Sometimes he would tell after he poop and sometimes he won't. So I guess it was red because he didn't inform me and his poop was in the diaper for a while. As I was inspecting his skin, Elizabeth came over and took a peek too. This was what she asked...

Elizabeth: Mummy, why di di's one different?

Me: Because di di is a boy and you are a girl.

Elizabeth: Di di's one same like papa and mine same like yours ah?

Me: Yes.

After that 'yes' both hubby and me were speechless. She observed all that and knows the difference. So should I stop changing clothes in front of her or bathing with the door open?


  1. u should start a little of sex ed. not too much but at least they could differentiate the difference between male & female. don't happen like my colleague. the son is only about 9 or 10 years old and mislead by porn! speechless and scary at the same time......

  2. so how should I start si foo? hehe. nowadays it's not a surprised because they have so many exposure like the internet. last time is different, you have not many sources. wah u very budak baik huh?:P

  3. hey, I was thinking the same thing these past few days. Should I educate Tricia when she's big enough to understand. I think its important especially kids this era.

  4. Hi Tracy,

    According to some friends, we should educate our children when they're old enough. And I guess what I've done is a start?

  5. Hahaha...maybe. Simple indication to show the difference between a girl and a boy.



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