Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Year Older

About two weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday. Yes, I'm a year older and wiser supposedly. Celebrating birthdays are a fun thing but to be reminded that I'm getting older, well, that's not a fun thing. Haha. But we have to accept the fact and try to embrace the term, "aging gracefully".

I went to work on my birthday simply because I had an event coming up and was busy preparing for that event. Sigh. Otherwise, I would've taken off on that day and just have some me-time, go for a manicure and pedicure session? It's been so long since I last had one you know?

So after work, my hubby took us all out for my birthday dinner. We had..

..this (the children's foot long sausage)

..this ( my lamb chop)
..and this (my husband's chicken chop)

The food was very normal. But the children seem to be ok with their food. Maybe because I seldom allow them to eat sausages.

I didn't get a good shot of my husband's chicken chop because as you can see in this photo, he is already gobbling his food hungrily. Not even bothered to look at the camera except for Joseph..:D

Elizabeth with the birthday girl..opps lady..;)
Hubby and Elizabeth singing the birthday song to me. Notice the candles? I'm 20 every year!
Not my best shot here ok? But just wanted you guys to look at Elizabeth covering Joseph's mouth. LOL. Don't allow Joseph to blow the candles? Hmmm..budak ni.
Yep, birthdays are always celebrated at this very same dining table. So you might be wondering why is it all my birthday celebration pictures look the same. :D
I wonder who's birthday is it?
Look at how he's eating.
You know, never bother buying cheese cake because the children didn't really like it. I guess they still don't know how to appreciate it. For them chocolate cake is the best cake in the world. LOL. So do you all want to know what I got for my birthday? ......Secret! Shy lar want to reveal. 

As I'm writing this post, my babysitter called to inform me that she suspects that Joseph is down with chicken pox. Oh dear. I'm just puzzled because I don't know from whom he caught it from. I've got to go home already. Adios.


  1. so what did you get for your birthday, kakak? i'll bet it's something awesomely meaningful :)

  2. Happy belated birthday to you! Looks like you enjoyed the day and I love the picture of Elizabeth covering Joseph's mouth hahahha...

    Try to get jelly cake next time. We started getting it when we celebrated Ben's full moon and ever since then, all birthdays are with jelly cake. Just delicious!

  3. Hey, thanks for posting this and the lovely photos. Ya, children don't really like cheesecake until a certain age. I think it's an acquired taste. I also didn't like cheesecake until recently and I took like what? 30 plus years? haha..anyway, you still look 20 lar and you didn't age gracefully coz you didn't age at all!! Happy Birthday once again bud!

  4. Adik, it's not something meaningful actually. But I still shy to reveal. Not so lucky like you to get Gucci lor.

    Jenny, jelly cake huh? ever thought of it also but my hubby was not so keen.

    Serious ah, Kasie, you mean i didn't age at all??? Thanks for the compliments. hahaha.



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