Friday, March 11, 2011

Elizabeth's Standard One Registration

Time really flies. The time has come for me to register my daughter for Standard One and it makes me think, "Wow! After two years and she will be in Standard One already!" Next, we have to be worried over their homework and grades. Seems like it will be never ending. Anyway, we have to register our kids when they're 5 years old and registration usually happens during the month of March.

So being me, my husband and I went to register right on the first day of the month of March. Yes, I know you guys will be thinking what a kiasu mom! But this chinese school I'm registering for my daughter is not easy to get in and moreover it will be harder for her to be accepted since we are not staying in that area. The place I'm staying doesn't have a chinese school nearby. But I was still not kiasu enough apparently because we arrived a wee bit late in the morning and missed getting my waiting number. Yeah, you heard it right. We had to be there early to get just the waiting number and then only wait for our turn to register. So we missed the morning session and the security guards, they were the ones that handed out the numbers, told us to be back at 1pm for the afternoon registration session.

We were suppose to take a half day leave but since it's going to take a long day, we decided to take a day off just for the registration. I managed to obtain the green registration form from the security guards so at least I can fill them up beforehand. So we left and decided to come back at 1pm. But after our breakfast, my husband suggested we return to the school and try our luck again. Maybe we could get a number or something. It was the right move because when we arrived at around 11.30PM there were already people hanging around the security guard's hut. Then I saw more people coming and people were already starting to queue! We had no choice but to queue along too right under the hot blazing sun. Although we had an umbrella but still the heat was quite terrible.

Finally 1pm came and I got my number, number 15. But still we couldn't enter to register! Registration only starts at 1.40pm. It was actually the time to just get our waiting number. Aiyoh! So we still had some time to take away food for our lunch. I was so happy to get over and done with it. So there I've already registered for Elizabeth and now to cross my finger until next year July or August when we will receive a letter of acceptance or rejection. Here are the documents you need to prepare to bring along during registration:

1. Photocopies of you and your husband's IC.
2. Original and photocopy of your child's birth certificate.
3. Original and photocopy of your utilities bill i.e electric bill.

Have a great weekend ahead!

The queue in front of me.
The queue behind me. Lucky them they got shade.

Everyone waiting for their number to be called.

The impatient hubby already standing with crossed arms.


  1. Not kiasu la... every parents wants the best for their child! :)

    But my SIL told me now we can only register online. Anyway, still long for my boy la.. ;P

    Good luck with Elizabeth's registration!

  2. Hey Carol! U might want to blur out some details (like IC number) on the form... :)

  3. Thanks Elina, I just took out the whole picture. Malas. LOL. I realised even the gaji was there but that was a fake gaji. Hahah.

    Jenny you can register online if you are staying in Selangor area. But even then after registering online you still have to go to the school to pass the documents..:)



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