Thursday, February 17, 2011


Finally the time has come! I'm sure every mummy will be anxious and can't wait for the time when their baby starts calling them "Mummy". I was so thrilled when Joseph uttered that sweet word to my ears a few days before we started our CNY holidays. It paid off because we have been teaching him to say the word but won't get a respond from him. Most babies would choose "papa" or "daddy" as their first word over "mummy". I don't know why. There's no explanation to this. So you can know how disappointed when I heard him saying the word, "papa" prior to this. It's the same with Elizabeth. She too said the word, "papa" first.

I was so happy to hear him finally saying the word but then I also realised that he uses the word "mummy" for everything! LOL. So when I went back to Seremban and Malacca for the CNY holidays. Everyone was surprised and excited to hear him speaking the word "mummy" but they all started to laugh when they too realised that he uses that word for practically everything. It made everyone laughed and it's funny to hear them respond to him, " I'm not your Mummy!" LOL.

I'm still proud of him even though this has happen but my instincts tells me that he knows what and who Mummy is just that he can't control himself from uttering that word! LOL. Convinced? I'm quite convinced. This cheeky fella even deliberately say, "mummy" even when you teach him to say "papa". You can watch this video to see what I mean. :)

I guess playing with their parents' mobile phones is a very normal thing nearly every kid does. Look at him playing with his dad's mobile phone. He even uttered the word, "mummy" when he fell down if you watch closely. LOL.

I'm in the mood of sharing my latest videos of my children caught on tape. Hehe. So enjoy them while it lasts. :p This final video shows them both dancing to music. They were watching Elizabeth's kindy concert dvd. 


  1. A friend told me before it's the 'ee' sound at the end of mummy that makes it hard for them to say the word. So the children always goes for the easier words like baba, papa, dada. In my case, I also didn't know when Ben started calling me mummy until I realised he's saying it when he gets hurt, falls down, practically anything that meant manja action from me la...

    And the 1st time I tried teaching Ben to call me mummy, I pat my chest saying 'mummy' and he goes 'nen-nen'... alamak.... ;P

  2. Aahh...I can't wait to hear my daughter calling me! He is such a cute boy.

  3. Haha, kesian Yap kena dipanggil mummy also..does he have identity crisis? keke..and also, ur children pandai gelek cute elizabeth. Thanks for the videos. At least I get to see Joseph's cutesy expressions like ooooo and nyamnyamnyamnyam :)

  4. sunsetrose, he doesn't have identity crisis. I know this because when I asked him to bring something to papa, he really brought the thing to his papa!

    Tracy, I understand. I can't wait too and when they do you'll be so thrilled I bet.

    Jenny, yeah I suspected too it must be the 'ee' sound at the end of mummy. Hahah Ben sounds like Joseph too. I too pat my chest to teach him luckily he didn't say 'nen-nen' coz I've stopped breastfeeding him for some time already. LOL. Ben is a smart boy!



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