Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's Craft Time Again

This month I managed to do some crafts with my daughter during our free time. The first craft we did is called Family Flower. I got the idea from Playhouse Disney's website. I thought it would be a good idea to this craft because it encourages a happy family concept and also involves a little bit of papa.

This is the part Elizabeth enjoyed the most. Painting her hand and ours and then stamping her hand on the pink paper.

Draw 2 leaf shapes and 1 heart shape.

Paint the heart red of course.

Then paint the leaves green.

You can use two straws for the stick for me I used the Malaysian flag's stick. You know those kind you can get from shops with sweets in the stick.

Elizabeth pasting her hand stamp on the stick.

Then followed by our hands onto the stick too.

Papa's hand, mummy's hand and Elizabeth's hand all pasted on the stick already. I used double sided tape by the way.

Paste the leaves on top of the three hands just right below the smallest hand.

The heart will be right smack in the middle of the two leaves.

Decorate the leaves with glitter glue.

Elizabeth used many colours of the glitter glue.

Looks like someone woke up from slumber and even finished his milk already. Ready to come and create havoc.

Ta da! The finished product and very simple to do too! And I shrieked after I saw what Joseph was doing - putting the glitter glue in his mouth!

This second craft is similar to those fairy fridge magnets that I've done before from previous post. This time it's fairy name plate but I didn't take the step by step shots. But here are still some pictures for your viewing.

Elizabeth painting on the name plate. The plaster and the mould was given in the box.

String was also in the box so that we can hang the name plate.

There can you see the fairy? And opps Elizabeth poured too much glitter on it already.

Uh oh. Somebody woke up from his slumber again and started to grab the brush and mould.

Embracing art?


  1. Wow, I can see that Elizabeth really enjoys arts and crafts. The happy family hand print flowers are a great idea! and thanks for showcasing the nameplate. It turned out really nice! Really looks like the one on the box. :)

  2. Yeah she does enjoy. Thank you so much for the nameplate. It was a nice Christmas gift.

  3. Yikes! I'm shrieking too when I see Joshua with the glitter glue in his mouth! Reminded me of the time I first let Ben tried scribbling with color pens and highlighter. Found him with his mouth yellow color... apparently he thought he'd give it a try and munch on the highlighter :P whooppssss...

    But anyway, it's really nice to see children doing crafts. I'm going to give it a try one of this day and let Ben experiment with water color. :)

  4. Jenny: LOL. every mummy will have the same reaction huh? They always give us heart attack. And it's Joseph not Joshua..:)

    You must try doing arts and crafts with Ben. You'll be surprised he'll beg for more!

  5. Hahahaha...same here! My eyes were WIDE open when I saw Joseph. Then, I saw your comment. I think creativity time always keeps family ties stronger. :)

  6. Yes, I do agree, Tracy. You should try it next time when Tricia is older ok? I'm sure both of you will enjoy it.



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