Friday, February 11, 2011

CNY 2011

Finally here's my post on my CNY celebration this year. This year, I think I did not take as much photos as I did last year. Maybe I was just a little lazy and busy handling two kids. I cannot imagine if I have more than two kids. Photos - NIL? :P

The plan was to head back to Seremban early morning on Federal Territory Day. But my hubby came back late the night before resulting him to wake a little later than planned. We still managed to start the journey in the late morning though. But first before I ran through my checklist, I had to hang red cloth at my main door. An sms from my sister the night before reminding me to hang it between 7am to 8am that morning. Not many people in KL practice this hanging of the red cloth. So if you see someone's house in KL with the red cloth, that person must be from Malacca. LOL.

The kids were the ones that enjoyed the most. It's expected because they can play till the cows come home. Sometimes my daughter even forgotten she has a mother. LOL. Thankfully, my son still acknowledges my existence. This year, my children got to play fireworks for the first time. Don't worry it's not the dangerous type. They played the sparklers and pop-pop. I was disappointed my husband couldn't find any roman candles (a type of firework).

Like every CNY ever since I got married, reunion dinner will always be in Seremban at my in-laws house. My MIL will cook up a storm and serve delicious dishes for us to devour. It's really a waste I didn't take any pictures of her dishes because I don't want my in-laws to think I'm a lunatic. And just like nearly every year, my MIL will sew some CNY clothes for her grandchildren. It's very sweet of her.

Then day 2 finally arrived. The day I look forward to most because I can get to go back to Malacca. I can be with my family especially my parents and I got to meet my best friend not once but twice because she stayed longer in Malacca this year. ^_^ Last year, we didn't get to meet for CNY because she left Malacca on the second day of CNY. I had the opportunity to meet my cousins too when they came to visit this year. My family even went to the beach at Tanjung Kling just for a walk. I went for hi-tea with my best friend. My family 'lou sang' too this year. So if you asked me whether I had a good CNY, I would definitely rate it as "very satisfied".

The kids all geared up to leave for the holiday. Already can't wait to wear their new shoes.

Eve of CNY - Elizabeth and cousin sister, Zi Yu. Elizabeth trying to play it cool.

Joseph was bold at first until he hurt his hand. Somehow that didn't stop him the next day.

Elizabeth not so cool already. She's seeking protection from her Suk Suk.

Joseph's favourite sound, "Ooooo"

Joseph with his Gong Gong and Ku Che.

1st day of CNY. The dress tailored by my MIL.

1st photo op attempt. Little rascal refused to stay put on the sofa.

And happily sat on the floor.

And did the "ooooo" sound again.

Elizabeth with her cousin brother Han Yang and cousin sister Zi Yu.

2nd photo op attempt. Failed again but managed to snap a photo quickly before he's out of the picture.

Everyone ended up on the floor to accompany Joseph.

This is what he's been doing that kept us busy. He wants me to lose more weight!

On the way to my husband's relatives house.

2nd day of CNY - In Malacca already. Joseph finds it funny to keep bumping the tricycle to the door.

My princess just woke up from afternoon nap. Another dress tailored by my MIL.

Still so glum.

3rd day of CNY. Yee Sang with salmon and jelly fish.

Tossing the yee sang! Yipee!
Joseph already demanding to join in the fun.
Finally get the chance to toss the yee sang his style.

Elizabeth and cousin brother Benjamin.

My princess.

'Manja' Joseph with cousin brother Brandon.

Elizabeth hasn't gotten over her fear of the beach since the last time we went to the beach.

Joseph loved it!

Pulling his papa nearer to the waves.

Enjoy wading in the sea.

4th day of CNY - After going to church on Sunday. Just couldn't keep still in the car.

Sweet lil' dahling of mine.

Cam whoring with my son. Haha.

Those things he refused to get away from. We have to drag him away each time he goes on one of these.

Elizabeth also wants to sit.

My two lil' dahlings.

Elizabeth with my nephew Brandon.


  1. Hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog. You have a lovely blog here too! I'm going to dropby more often now. :)

    Happy CNY to you, Elizabeth, Joseph & your family.

  2. Hey thanks Tracy for dropping by. Do drop by more often. Will see you at your blog too.

    P/S: are you from Malacca?

  3. Wow, nice pictures, thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your CNY journal and wahhhh... your MIL so terer! Respect, respect! Elizabeth is so lucky to have a custom-tailored beautiful dresses from her grandma!

  4. Haha..thanks Jenny. My MIL is a tailor actually. She sews baju kurung and kebaya actually for her malay clients.

  5. Thanks for the lovely pics. Is Eli just out from her bath or was the weather so hot until she was bathed in sweat? Anyway, I think both your kids really had fun. It shows on their faces. Hopefully this CNY was an enjoyable one for ur family :)

  6. She just took her bath that's why her hair was wet. Yeah, I hope that they had fun too. It was quite an enjoyable one nevetheless.



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